A Little Proud Christmas Star Embarrasment! 

I thought I would share the below with you as even though I am very proud of my Daughter – I am a little overwhelmed!

Rather embarrassingly I have been nominated for an award and have been shortlisted as a finalist 😳! The link for voting is below. My daughter Holly, nominated me by writing the following letter:
“I would like to nominate my mum – Kelly Hallett. My mum works every day helping vulnerable people who have drug, alcohol, offending behaviour and mental health issues. She has helped thousands of people both before they are released from prison and when they are in the community.

As well as this, she spent months helping my sister to recover after she was critically injured in a car crash at just 16 years old. She didn’t know if my sister would even survive when she was unconscious in intensive care. She survived but it took her months to recover and learn to walk again and my mum never gave up and helped her even while helping everyone through her work. Less than two years later I myself was critically injured in an unprovoked attack in Watford. I sustained a serious brain injury and my mum again had to go through nearly losing a child. While I was recovering my mum was there every day helping me. Always looking for a way to help people, She then used her blog to promote awareness of brain injury. Her blog was shared virally, reaching over 18,000 people and she still supports lots of these people in her spare time.

While all of this was happening, my mum was poorly herself. She has suffered from endometriosis for many years and 2 years ago, just before I was injured, she had to have a full hysterectomy. Even though she was still helping people through her work, looking after me after my injury, helping my sister after her accident, helping raise awareness of head injuries and suffering herself, she saw yet another opportunity to help people. Seeing a gap in support for women facing similar challenges, She set up a support group online through Facebook called “hysterectomy support and shared experiences.” To date there are over 2200 women in her group.

She spends hours supporting these women with very difficult decisions and helping them through their pain and surgeries. I truly think that she very quietly runs one of the biggest women’s health support groups that exist. She works hard to raise awareness of women’s health issues and I know that the women she supports are so grateful. I also know how proud she is of the help she gives. With this group and the many women she helps, her daily work helping vulnerable people that is full time, the awareness of head injuries raised through her blog, the support she has given to those affected by head injury and the dedication in helping me and my sister recover from our injuries she really deserves the Watford hero award. She literally spends every hour of her time helping people.”

You can vote for me (Kelly Hallett) here and I actually would be very grateful to anyone who could take the time to do so!


Thank you!! Xx

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2 Responses to A Little Proud Christmas Star Embarrasment! 

  1. ceejayblue says:

    Oh Kelly that’s amazing, you definitely deserve it! Have voted but was a bit concerned that they insisted on DOB, phone no. and address, got round it by just putting a fullstop in the boxes. Hope you win. xxx

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