Winter Blues and Yellow Daffodils

It is about now that I have had enough of the winter. What is there to like about it? It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s damp and it is uninspiring. I get lazy in the winter because of the cold. I don’t eat very well preferring comfort food over healthier alternatives. This year I have had two colds and now have had a nasty cough for the last two weeks. It feels like everyone I know has been ill or is ill. Its about now that I get tired. Winter makes me tired. I dream of feeling warm sunshine on my shoulders. It is four months since I have been in the sunshine and my sunshine bank is empty.

So, today I had a sunbed session. Yes, I know that it will apparently age and kill me, just like everything else that I like doing, but today, it was worth the risk! I felt pale, pasty, under the weather and needed some sunshine. At the moment a sunbed is the closest that I will get to that precious vitamin D. I enjoyed it. It was only ten minutes but I closed my eyes and was on the beach. My skin felt warm and I feel just a little better. Mind over matter? Perhaps but what does it matter if it did what I needed it too!!

The sunshine and warm weather make me feel well. They make me feel healthy and full of energy. I sleep better in the summer generally, eat better, exercise more and just feel so much better in myself. So, I for one am very pleased that February is almost done and March will soon be upon us.

There are a few positives. For a winter, so far, the weather hasn’t been nearly as bad as it could have been. The year so far has flown by thanks to a new role and new project at work that is keeping me occupied and frankly, too busy to notice time too much! The evenings are already drawing out and there is already more daylight. Next month the days will continue to get longer before the all important clock change at the end of March. The Daffodil bulbs are already pushing through. I love Daffodils. They are such bright and sunny flowers, bursting into bloom to tell you that spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner. So, the signs of winter fading away are there – just in time to give me some hope!


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3 Responses to Winter Blues and Yellow Daffodils

  1. ceejayblue says:

    Good to see another blog Kelly! I’ve been remiss and not updated mine for ages! Totally agree with you about winter, I’ve luckily only had one cold this year but so much else going on I just want the sun. My Vit D has been so bad I’ve been on prescribed supplements for nearly 2 years!

    Hope that you get to see some proper sunshine soon, our next break isn’t till September on the Costa Del Sol so I’ll have ot make do with the little we’ve got now and hope we have an amazing summer and just glory in the brightness of the daffodils when they start bobbing up through the earth.

  2. ceejayblue says:

    Yes not too bad, usual aches and pains for our age and colds etc but in general we’re both fine 🙂 xxx

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