Being Anything!

If you could be anything, what would you be?

I have been asked this question several times over the years. I’ve never really had a clear vision of what I want to be. My career has developed from wanting to work with people, particularly those who are disadvantaged in some way. Whilst I love what I do (Director of Operations in a social care organisation), I didn’t ever set out with the specific aim of doing what I do today. I suspect that this is the case for a lot of people. Growing up I wanted to have a family first and foremost, and then probably be a paramedic. I’ve had a long interest in anything medical and may well have pursued a career as a paramedic if I had been able. As it was, I don’t meet the eyesight requirements to hold the required D1 category on my driving license so that never became a reality. But whilst that was what I wanted to be then, it isn’t something that I would chose to be now. My stock answer to the question for a long time has been trauma or emergency medicine Doctor, because of my love of anything medical and the fast paced nature of that particular area of medicine.

Realistically, I’m not actually sure if that is what I would do if I could suddenly chose to do anything. The reality is that I’m still not sure what my perfect job would be! So, I thought about what my perfect job would look like. The perfect job would have to include things that I am good at and things that I enjoy. This is the list of elements that my ideal job would have to have or include:

· People – I like working with people.
· Management, preferably multi site or multi operation.
· Facilitate change and improvement – in people or business terms.
· Travel – I like new places.
· Warm – I definitely don’t like being cold.
· The airport – I love the airport.
· Commercial airliners – I love commercial planes – particularly big ones, and flying.
· Changing and challenging – I get bored easily.
· Hotels – I like staying in hotels.
· Independent – I don’t want to be micro-managed daily.
· Friendly and supportive – I can’t bear bitching or nastiness.
· Developmental – I like to see things grow and improve.
· Fun – Something that I really enjoy doing.
· Have an element of glamour – I do like a nice dress!
· Give me a sense of achievement – not be a never ending thankless task.
· Not consume my personal life – it has to be a balance.

It’s not a job description that I have ever come across so the likelihood is that it might not exist as a specific job! Quite a bit of my perfect job description could actually translate simply as “a holiday” so maybe there is a more subliminal message there! But, it is an interesting exercise to actually think about what your perfect job might look like and what it might include.

Interestingly, I thought of the above list on a whim. Surprisingly, on reviewing it – I can relate over half of the things that I listed as things that I already have in my current role. The other things are all things that I do achieve, but outside of a work environment and perhaps just not as frequently as I would like to be able. It gave me a really unexpected perspective on my life. However, if you come across a job description that looks like my list – do let me know! J

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6 Responses to Being Anything!

  1. I have my perfect job, being retired lets me do what I want when I want and the only person to answer to is myself. 🙂

  2. Ike Ezerioha says:

    I will let you know when the opening is available. Right now you have to take a number, somewhere behind me and about 6 billion others. Lol

  3. ceejayblue says:

    I love being retired! What with helping with the grand kids and being a lady wot lunches! LOL! I can also be a slob if I like too! However, if I had a the choice of an ideal job, I wouldn’t know what to think of! LOL! My list of requirements would be a lot like yours Kelly, although I’d throw in some animals and children LOL! I think the best job is the one that you are happy in at the time and where you are appreciated (certainly wasn’t in my last job but I loved the people LOL!).

  4. gill a says:

    Lol suppose we better get enough contracts to buy a plane and then start working internationally then! Thats phase 2. crack on. And win us new business so we can spread the good work internationally!

  5. greyjake says:

    How about ambassador in a warm friendly country? Then you could also add chauffeur driven car and lots of fiddled expenses!

  6. Craig says:

    Driving a hotel shuttle bus, part-time, at an airport for first class passengers, seems to tick most of your boxes. That was easy, try me with a real conundrum xx

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