January Done!

I am so pleased that January is done with. It just seemed to last forever! Usually we go on holiday in January, as by then I am in need of sunshine, but this year we weren’t able to do so. Maybe that is why it seemed such a long month. I actually don’t like January or February much. It’s cold, dark and generally uninspiring. But, once they are done, there is the hope of spring, warmer weather and longer days just around the corner.

We had some nice times in January though. It was my hubby’s Birthday and we had a lovely family meal out, we also went to a 40th Birthday party and had a lovely evening. Lots of the girls friends, that we have known for many years were there and it was lovely seeing them again, all grown up! We watched several good movies, snuggled on the couch whilst the rain and wind were safety shut behind the curtains and have enjoyed relatively lazy weekends.

We have spent time with family, our granddaughters in particular. The little one Ava-Leigh is growing fast and is very cute! The bigger one Alisha, is getting more and more interactive and is talking really well. They visit every Saturday afternoon and we play. Yesterday we brought Alisha some new cars. Cars are a favourite of hers, and we were promptly allocated a car each which spent the next hour being rescued from under the couch and table! Again, the nicer weather will be a blessing. At 2 years and 3 months old, winter is a little restrictive in terms of activities. The recent wind and rain make outdoor activities impossible. Alisha is too small for the cinema, to small for the soft play on a weekend. The spring will mean the park, the farm, the zoo and more fun!

We also used January to plan our summer holiday. First we had to decide where we wanted to go. Sam, our son had expressed a wish not to go back to Tenerife this year. We have been many times and whilst we love it, we also wanted to explore somewhere new this year. But, no one really knew where they would like to go! So, the search began. Sam’s requirement list consisted of wifi or an internet corner and some evening entertainment. Steve simply wanted air conditioning and somewhere near the beach. For me, it has to be an apartment rather than a hotel room, in the sunshine, well located, 4 star or above and be good for Sam. It is just the three of us now and we know that a 14 year old boy wants more than just two weeks in our company!! It wasn’t a very specific list to work with! Anyhow, we eventually decided that we would go to Protaras in Cyprus. It looks good for us and we are very pleased with our choice. Trip Advisor helped us choose our accommodation, You Tube was useful for videos of the local area and beach. There are some excursions that we want to take while there and it ticked all of the boxes for us all. It was also nice that there were several reviews from families with teenagers who loved the complex that we are staying at. So all in all we are excited about it! It’s nice to have something to look forward to. It makes the sufferance of winter just that bit more bearable!

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One Response to January Done!

  1. ceejayblue says:

    After such an awful end to the year, January had to be better for you! We love spending time with our grandchildren and its the hightlight of my week when I see them. I hate January and February, even though my grandson will be 3 on Tuesday which brightens the first week, I wish we could go away and hibernate till Spring. Got a feeling it will be late this year as we’ve not had the snowy weather yet, as if all the rain we’ve had isn’t enough.

    Your holiday plans look good, never been to Cyprus, might try to persuade OH to go one day. I’m off to Paloma Beach in Los Cristianos at the end of March with my best friend and as this is my only holiday this year I intend to make the most of it! LOL!


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