Reaching People.

I have been left completely overwhelmed by the response to my last post “Walk and Die.”   I knew it would be a well read post simply because of the content and the fact that it is a very recent event. Also, head injuries have been in the news recently because of Michael Schumacher’s sad accident. Two months ago, I had little knowledge of such injuries and certainly never expected to be in the position of writing about a personal experience. I have to admit, I deliberated over even writing about it at all and especially over using the photographs that we used. I don’t always publish all of the posts that I write. I only decided to publish this one as I felt that it had a message that could really help save lives and raise awareness. When I published it, I genuinely had absolutely no idea just how far it would reach.

Rarely does a post on my blog attract more than 100 views in any one day. The “Walk and Die” post has so far had well over 15,000 hits. It has been shared some 850 times on Facebook and over 70 times on Twitter. People have reached out to me to share their stories, national head injury organisations such as Headway have shared my story on their social media along with smaller organisations. I have been asked if my story can be used as a case study, I have been asked if I would write an article for a website, I have been asked if I will share my story in person at a fundraising event. I have been truly humbled at the response that this post has brought to me. I will reply to each and every one of you who has written to me to share, who has reached out with understanding and those who have reached out in sadness. I am even more aware now of the devastation that a Traumatic Brain Injury can cause. I have had messages from parent’s, grandparents, friends and other family about babies, children and adults affected by such an injury.

I have been asked to write more. Several people have asked about what happened to my middle daughter and whether I am able to share that story. More than several have asked if I will write more about the impact of a sudden traumatic injury on a family, and how we coped with it. One has asked me if there is anything that helps a parent recover from the shock of such an accident. I am no expert, I can only write from my own experiences but I will do my best to cover those topics from my own perspective over the next few weeks.

But, I need to say thank you. Thank you to the many, many people and organisations that have helped me to share this story, I have reached people. More people than I ever could have hoped for. I could never have anticipated just how far my post could travel and I am truly grateful to every single person who clicked on the share or re-tweet button. I am grateful for every message that I have received and the people that this post has enabled me to connect with. And, the post is still travelling – so it’s not finished yet! I hope that someday, somewhere, sharing my story might make a difference simply by raising awareness around the symptoms (or sometimes lack of immediate symptoms) of a serious head injury.

Thank you again – you are all amazing!

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4 Responses to Reaching People.

  1. Ike Ezerioha says:

    Even if only one person benefits from reading that post, it would have a job week done and completely worth it. Keep writing (so shall I for that matter) and keep shareing.

  2. Connie says:

    Kelly, you and your family are the amazing ones! Love you, xxxooo

  3. ceejayblue says:

    Kelly, so proud of you. Your last blog moved me to tears and made me think about how much your story will help others. Well done on being asked to do the articles etc, you will then be able to help a wider audience. xxx

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