Exhaustion and Insomnia.

Why is it that when you need to sleep the most, because you are that exhausted, you can’t. And because of that you know that the next day will be even harder than the day before and then that makes you so stressed that you know you won’t sleep anyhow? And then the littlest things become the biggest things because everything you are trying so hard to get right and get back on track gets wrong again?

Humans need sleep. It’s that simple. I have recently returned to work full time following my surgery and was doing well. Really well. But, all of a sudden the exhaustion has become overwhelming again and it is frustrating me no end. It makes me feel helpless and useless. To add not sleeping again on top of that is just a vicious circle. There are very few of us that can manage on Margaret Thatchers supposed four hour a night sleep requirements. So what do we do when we are so exhausted but sleep just will not come – even if the exhaustion is not all sleep related? When in turn that exhaustion and lack of sleep impacts on productivity at work and at home? Impacts on our daily energy levels and mood? Can any of you, relate to feeling so exhausted during the day that you could cry – but still sleep will not come that night? Do any of you have any practical sleep tips or advice that you can share with me for me to try? It would be very appreciated because I do know that this exhausted insomniac needs a cure – fast!

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5 Responses to Exhaustion and Insomnia.

  1. Ibukun says:

    Have you tried chamomile tea, malt, horlicks or taking a boring book to bed that hopefully sends you to sleep out of boredom – hopefully before it’s time to get up again to prepare for work!

    Again, you could try rearranging your sleeping room i.e ‘Seng Fui’ style!’!

    Good luck!

  2. First read this at 3.00am this morning but then felt too tired to comment. Can´t offer advice as nothing works for me. lol

  3. Ike says:

    I can so relate to what you are describing and I haven’t yet got a definitive coping mechanism. What works one day will not work the next. So for those blog readers reading inkellysworld, please come up with ideas. We all need em.

  4. Suzzanne says:

    I have just come back from a doctors appointment for the same problem after months of broken sleep.. She did prescribe a short course of sleeping pills but also advised that a product called Sleepeaze could help as it non addictive, you have to ask the Pharmacist for it.

  5. Thank you all for the comments, if I find anything then I’ll let you know here! X

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