Introducing Baby Ava-Leigh!

On the 24th November 2013, I was blessed with a second Granddaughter. I have been lucky enough to be at the birth of both of my Granddaughters. This Granddaughter came courtesy of my middle daughter Abbie and her partner Mitchell. The birth although painful for Abbie as births usually are, went smoothly and without problem, managed with just gas and air. She weighed in at a healthy 6lb 9oz. The new family are doing well and of course everyone is enjoying having a new baby around. Especially my eldest Granddaughter who dotes on her little cousin in her own clumsy toddler way! So, all that remains is for me to share her with you. So here she is ….. introducing baby Ava-Leigh!

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3 Responses to Introducing Baby Ava-Leigh!

  1. Abbie says:

    Aww!! I love this and so does you littlest granddaughter xx

  2. Beautiful babies, good looks obviously run in the family and they inherited them from Grandma xxx

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