Week 2 – Post-op Update.

Week 2 started off just a little grim. Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected (this whole process has been easier than I expected and I haven’t for one moment regretted it) but I was sore, tired, still suffering the gas pains and a few other minor issues. My bum was getting numb from sitting, my hips sore from laying and comfort was hard to find. I was feeling low. So, we took a trip to see the pharmacist. He changed a few bits and pieces and added buscopan to my medication. He said it would help with the cramps both in my tummy and my bladder. Laxatives were stopped as they are too harsh on a system that is already bruised, swollen and needing time to heal. Apparently softeners were the way forward. I didn’t even know such thing existed lol! So, I left with the buscopan, softeners and some wind ease. They worked like a dream and I was soon much more comfortable. And then I made mistake number four.

Feeling a lot better, I decided that I really should be decreasing the pain meds. So I stopped them all, opting for simple paracetamol and nurofen. Well that didn’t work very well and I was back to square one. Tearful and unhappy, it was time for a lecture from hubby! So, by mid-week, I was taking the new tummy meds, back on the pain killers and resting properly. Listening to advice works. I am feeling much better by the end of week 2. I get sore if I move around to much or actually try to do anything, so I just potter regularly. I can shower pretty much unassisted which is nice. I’m not sleeping great as my legs hurt in the night but I assume thats down to nerves starting to heal. Fortunately I have several Hospital Sydney series recorded so spend my nights learning new surgical and medical techniques!!

The best news came half way through the week when I got the letter with my histology results. They stated that “following a fully contained stage one cervical carcinoma removal, there was no further evidence of cancer spread to the uterus which is positive.” The letter also contained a summary of the issues dealt with during surgery that showed extensive endometriosis spread within the reproductive and pelvic region, severe adenomyosis affecting the left uterine wall and advanced uterine haemorrhage. You can’t get a better confirmation that you made the absolute right decisions than a letter like that.

Already I don’t have the pain that I had before surgery, already I am looking forward to being energetic, healthy and full of beans again! But in the meantime I will resume my place on the couch and recover properly. As I was told this week – you only get one chance to heal properly. Commit to it. And I have! Honestly!

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2 Responses to Week 2 – Post-op Update.

  1. Ike says:

    While I admire your efforts to live like it never happened, the sad fact of it all is that it did. Your confirmation letter is great but doesn’t mean you have the strength to take on the world. Try to keep your mistakes to a minimum. Try to take your meds till you feel absolutely sure you can do without them. You will be up and about in no time. But there will be no rush.

    Loving your fighting spirit. Keep it up oxo

  2. ceejayblue says:

    I am so glad that your histology came back clear, its wonderful news.

    Now, what did I say to you before? LOL! Take it easy, don’t do too much even though you think you can LOL! I did exactly the same and suffered for it just like you! So, its a case of not running before you can walk, healing takes time and its worth making the most of being able to sit and do nothing but watch tv or read a book because once you’re fully fit you’ll be rushing around doing everything again.
    Take care of yourself.


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