The Rest of the First Week.

Day’s one to three were covered in my last post, so I am going to start with day four. It started well, the pain was being controlled and I was fairly mobile and feeling good in myself. The consultant came to see me and said that I was doing really well and could go home if I wanted to. Well, I wanted to! I was very excited. I decided that I would have a shower and a hair wash before I left so that is what I did. I felt well enough not to ask for help. I showered, washed my hair, managed to get dry even if it meant leaving my lower legs and feet to drip dry and managed to get my DVT stockings back on. That was mistake number one. I should have asked for help. I was sore and tired afterwards. Mistake number two was not listening to my body being tired and packing my things. I then had a little rest before leaving. Mistake number three was not taking the offered wheelchair and walking to the car. It was harder than I thought and I ended up being left propped in the car park while hubby went to get the car as I couldn’t walk all the way to it. The journey home was a short ten minutes but it felt like an hour. I felt sick, tired and felt every bump. Way to much for day four. By the times I got home and got settled I was sore, feeling sick and exhausted. That really was how I felt on and off for the rest of the first week. Mornings were better than evenings and overall I wasn’t as sore as I had expected. I could also move better than I expected. In myself I mostly felt good. But it was sore as hell!

And then, on day six came the gas pains. I had been warned about them. I wasn’t prepared for how painful they are. I was literally doubled up to the best of my bending abilities. We have all had a bit of trapped wind before but this was immense. Soreness on top of soreness on top of soreness. I tried lactulose and senna, which upset my tummy and made the pains much worse. But, the reality of the scale of the operation had hit me.

I realised that this was going to take time and that I had no choice but to rest. Before my op I had a mental plan of how my recovery would be, and what I would achieve week to week. I now knew that it was unrealistic. I wasn’t going to be able to control this, my body would have to heal at its own rate and I was just going to have to go with it. It couldn’t be hurried. I was tired from just doing the smallest thing, not sleeping great due to comfort and having to wee every few hours!

There were lots of highlights despite everything. My hubby has turned out to be the best carer in the world and I have wanted for nothing. I received lots of messages and good wishes, flowers started to arrive, books were donated, magazines given, dinners cooked and gifts sent. I was sent a bell, so that I could summon hubby at will – what a great idea and it works!! I have become friends with a great bunch of ladies in a forum that I joined pre-op. Sharing experiences and having somewhere to ask questions of those who are going or have been through similar experiences has helped me hugely. I talk regularly with several of the ladies there now and have been very grateful for the support it has given me. Being a worldwide forum, there is always someone there night and day to help. In spite of the inevitable post op soreness, I can already tell the difference between the post op soreness and the pain I was in pre op. The pre op pain has gone, so I know I am on the mend.

As I write this, I am almost at the end of week two. I won’t spoil the next update, but I can say that I am feeling much better as I near the end of week two, than I did at the end of week one!!

Some of my lovely flowers and my bell!!


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3 Responses to The Rest of the First Week.

  1. Ike says:

    As different as it is, it is so simar to my experience. With regards the trapped wind, ask your GP to prescribe Gaviscone Advanced. With regards the side effects of OxyContin, ask for Ducosate. If you have difficulties sleeping ask for Zopiclone. All these things helped me.

    What I can take from the post? The Bell. Don’t know why I never thought of that. I was stuck having to bang on the floor or head board.

    Best wishes

  2. ceejayblue says:

    So glad that things are going well, but not surprised that you tried to do things for yourself and suffered for it! LOL! That’s what happened to me but take my advice, you are obviously going to feel better as the weeks go on but please don’t think that you can do anymore than you did in week 1 for at least another couple of weeks! You will find that you are still going to feel very tired for a few weeks, so take things easy and give yourself time to heal. Sounds like your husband is doing a wonderful job looking after you and make the most of it.


  3. Hey Superwoman – take things slowly, you will get there in the end and it will be a lot let painful than trying to rush. I now have a mental picture of Steve waiting for that bloody bell to ring. You should get him to write a blog from his standpoint. No forget that he worships you so it isn´t surprising he has been a wonderful nurse. Love to you both xxx

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