Day 3 – Post-Op Update.

So, I thought that it was time I put a little update together for you all covering days 1-3. I don’t want my blog to become all medically driven but I will update over the next few weeks in between other posts. It is after all about my world! Also, sheer exhaustion prevents me from sending multiple messages and even having telephone conversations. It is the strangest thing. One minute i’m awake and the next I simply have an overwhelming urge to close my eyes and can’t even find the energy to speak.

So, I had my op on Friday evening. I had a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. I actually managed to keep both of my ovaries in the end. The consultant said that despite the pain in my left ovary, it was very healthy once he had cleared the adhesions and scar tissue from it. The pain there was mostly being caused by the adenomyosis which he removed with my womb. He said the adenomyosis was severe. He managed to clear all of the endometriosis – apparently my uterus was quite literally full of it. It was widespread outside of my uterus and in both tubes which he has taken. He says I may still get some pain on my left side as unfortunately the endometriosis is in my bowel. But, it’s to early to tell yet. It might need lasering at a later date if it becomes problematic. My cervix has gone which means the cancer has gone. He took a lot of surrounding tissue internally from my pelvis to belly button area, and a lymph biopsy from my left lymph node. I lost 2 cm of the top of my bowel to endometriosis but will not miss it. I have an appointment with the consultant in 2 weeks to review the histology results and then we will know if we got all of the cancer. But, the surgeon wasn’t concerned by anything that he could see visually so early signs are positive. The operation took 3 hours in the end. But the consultant seems very pleased with how it went.

I don’t remember much about coming around from surgery other than a very kind and reassuring man talking to me keeping me calm and a heated blanket keeping me warm. I know that my hubby and friend were there when I got back but again I don’t really remember much about that night. I was on facebook in the early hours of Saturday morning as I have found some messages that I sent but fortunately they made sense! I remember drinking tea through the night but really, it is all very sketchy. I had several visitors over the weekend and even some of that is hazy. My Husband, Mum, Mum’s partner Tom and friend Anna have been amazing. My brother and sister and step-dad have visited and brought joy, my Auntie and Uncle came as a surprise which was nice, my lovely friend Toni has been, my girls and granddaughter have of course visited too which was a highlight. My room, phone, facebook and texts have been busy and I am grateful. My son is staying with Grandma for half term so is having lots of fun.

Morphine, Oxycontin, paracetamol and Diclofenic have been my friends over the last few days. I was amazed at how not sore I was the first few days and how easily I could move about. I am starting to feel much sorer but it is very controllable with pain medication. A few discomforts but nothing uncontrollable or overwhelming during this first three days. The hospital and staff were amazing and my care has been absolutely top notch.

I had my catheter out the day after the op, but within 5 hours my bladder was in retention and I had to have another catheter put in that drained 800mls straight off! That was massively painful. Second time around was much better and problem free. I didn’t have to have any surgical drains so again that was good. Mostly at the moment I am tired, exhausted even. But, I am so relieved that the op is over and can already feel the difference between the pain that I was getting and the post operative soreness. I am on the other side. I am glad that I know more and that given what was found it was so worth it. I have no regrets.

Love to you all xxx

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2 Responses to Day 3 – Post-Op Update.

  1. The tiredness is probably due to the anaesthetic (sp) but will wear off, so glad to hear everything is on the mend but just make sure you take things easy. xx

  2. ceejayblue says:

    I am so glad that the op went well and that the surgeon cleared all the problems (your check up I’m sure will show that its all gone). You certainly needed to have it and its wonderful that you have kept your ovaries. I know that my hysterectomy wasn’t as radical as yours but I do remember that feeling of exhaustion for a long time afterwards.

    One word of advice, after mine I felt so much better after a couple of weeks and felt I was capable of doing things around the house (not heavy things) but even dusting and washing up proved to be beyond me for quite awhile. Don’t feel that you have to do them too soon. I also went for a walk up to our local shops after a couple of weeks, rather than be driven up. Big mistake LOL! OH had to come back and get the car to bring me home! To say I felt silly was an understatement, sitting on a wall waiting for him looking all pale and exhausted and assuring passers by that I was fine!

    Make sure you take care of yourself, and I’m sure your family will be running around after you.



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