Catch up!

So, where do I start?!

My last proper post was written from next to a pool in Tenerife. That feels a long time ago now. Every time I go to Tenerife, I want to go back more. The complex that we stayed at this time was brilliant – not that we have ever had a bad one. But we particularly like this one and our apartment. We had a fabulous time and enjoyed meeting up with friends old and new. We spent some lovely time with old friends, made some great new ones and enjoyed spending time, food and wine with all of them! Of course that involved a few Karaoke nights! It was amazingly hot – much hotter than I can ever remember it being. But, it was lovely and I am already having withdrawals!

No sooner did we get back, literally three days later, hubby had a nasty kidney stone recurrence. Boy do those stones hurt. And the timing was close – it’s not something that you want to happen on holiday and then have to navigate a foreign health care system. We got home just in time. It was an immediate dash to A&E for morphine and resulted in a 4 day hospital stay for poor hubby. Yet again, our experience of the NHS was a positive one.

I am having my operation next week so that and the problems that have resulted in the operation being needed have dominated a lot of the last 2 months. It’s been very up and down and incredibly frustrating for me. But, we are almost there and soon it will be all over and done with and then it won’t be long until I am all recovered and back into the full swing of things. In the meantime – Hubby is going to be in charge for a little while. I am hoping that his man slave skills are ready to leap into action! 🙂

There has been so much else going on! Work, children, decorating, dogs, friends, family and the usual day to day things. There are lots of family babies going on as well! My middle daughter is expecting her first baby, my 2nd Grandchild next month so we are all very excited for that! One cousin is expecting her second baby and another cousin is pregnant with twins which is massively exciting! Being a big 5 generation family, my poor Nan is worrying about running out of space in her calendar for all of the Birthdays! My sister is back from Australia and you can read all about the story behind that on her and her husbands blog It is so great having her back for a while 🙂

And then there is the C word looming. Christmas! This year will be mostly an online effort as I will be recovering. I have started the Amazon list with the gifts that I have chosen for people. Once the list is complete I will order it in one big hit. I will of course blog about how I get on with an entirely online shopping mission! How successful will it be … this space! It’s almost an experiment. I do love Christmas!

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10 Responses to Catch up!

  1. ceejayblue says:

    Hi Kelly, you’ve certainly had a lot to contend with lately, hope your hubby’s kidney stone’s have settled down, and that your op goes well. It was really lucky that your hubby didn’t get sick when you were away, even with insurance and EHIC cards being sick far from home wouldn’t be good.

    Having a family with 5 generations must be amazing. My late mum got to meet her first great grandchild 5 months before she passed and it was wonderful to have all of us girls together, if only for a short time.

    I love Christmas too, and I make handmade cards for family and close friends and this year, I started buying a few bits in June! LOL! Not like me at all! This year I’m going to, hopefully, make a few presents and decorations but I do buy a lot of stuff on line leading up to Christmas. Then I realise that I’ve put them away and can’t find them or I’ve bought double! So making a list on Amazon sounds like a great idea to me.

    I do hope that your operation goes well, and that you are back to your oldself soon.

    Chris xx

  2. Nicola says:

    Thanks goodness your writing again, has made my day by getting a mention in your blog, lots of love xx

  3. Poor Steve glad he got home before he needed the hospital but sure he would have had a good experience here too. Hope he is feeling better now but give him a big hug from me, and well wishes from Jim (he doesn´t hug men!). Until reading this I had forgotten just how hot it was not just during the day but at night too. Can´t wait to see all the new baby pictures and of course do keep in touch about your op. I knew it had been postponed but still thought you had had it!! Like you my Christmas shopping will be on line or last minute because we will be in the States so it will be ‘interesting’ – Can´t wait I too love Christmas but for goodness sake stop it is still only OCTOBER!!!!!! xxx

  4. ceejayblue says:

    Kelly, uploaded my new blog last week, not sure if you have got me down to get notifications when I publish them, but WordPress has got this new Reader thing that you need to use to set who you get notifications from. I noticed that my settings said no email notifications from your blog so I wasn’t getting to see all of your blogs entries either!


  5. ceejayblue says:

    Think I might have published the pages but forgot I need to do it in a post! Not sure where the pages have been published but I’ve tried to do it again.Considering I’ve done a few now you’d think I’d know what I’m doing LOL!.x

    • Well, I am looking forward to reading it!! I follow your blog so it will come up on my newsfeed and E mail me when it is live 🙂 xx

      • ceejayblue says:

        I’ve suddenly got some more followers so my latest blog has definitely gone live LOL! Hope all ok for the Op. You’ve been through so much pain and when I re-read it (after my post on that blog) I realised just how bad things have been for you. Sending love and hugs. xxx

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