Write Right.

Hello again!

This has been the longest gap that I have had between blogs since I started blogging. It wasn’t planned, like most things in life it just happened. It isn’t that I have not had anything to write about, more that so much has been going on that I haven’t really known where to start. I have written some posts, but when I go back to them they just don’t seem “right”. When I write, I like it to be real. But writing with emotion, or when in an emotional state can be really tricky. I think that it is great, but when I read it back the following day when feeling different in myself, its all wrong. And sometimes I then can’t identify with it and don’t want to share it. The result is that while my draft box is busy – my blog is eerily silent!

But, that then makes me think about my blog. It doesn’t have a theme. So I can’t hide behind that. I rarely blog others work so can’t plump it up with that. It’s not anonymous. Sometimes its hard to get the balance between what you want to share or put out there, when you know a lot of your readers personally. I don’t want it dominated with things that can’t be identified with amongst my followers but equally it has never been intended for me to expose myself. What I am saying, is that lately I just haven’t been able to write right!

But, that is about to change and over the next few weeks I will be adding some new posts and getting back to writing again. In the meantime, I just thought I would let you know that everything is fine, except that the cold weather is now moving in (Tenerife I miss you!) and it’s no secret that I HATE the cold!! I am still here and have missed you and my blog!


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2 Responses to Write Right.

  1. ceejayblue says:

    Glad to have you back. Hope everything is OK and that you are getting back into blogging.

    I’m a bit like you, I start to draft something, then it looks a bit naff or perhaps I’ve said something that the family won’t approve of or it just doesn’t seem interesting enough. My last blog was full of my holiday on the Costa Del Sol and I could’ve written far more but didn’t want to bore people LOL! Not everyone loves the place like I do!

    Looking forward to catching up with you through your blog and hearing how you’ve been doing and don’t forget, you don’t need a theme, just have a lovely long chat!


  2. Totally understand where you are coming from Kelly, but often a lot of what we think of as boring is interesting to other people, so just go for it. We will let you know if you are on the wrong or the right track, but so glad to see you back in the groove – that is the hardest part publishing the first one after a gap. xxx

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