The First Time, Everytime!

I have realised the last few days that there are several things that you do on a holiday for the first time. These are the things that we look forward to doing for the first time every time!

These include: Seeing the complex and apartment for the first time, that first holiday sangria that you enjoy, the first holiday swim, trip to the beach, meal in your favourite restaurants, visits to your favourite bars, that first karaoke song, day in the sun, walk along the sea-front. We also enjoy our first afternoon siesta, first wake up on holiday, first sun skin glow, purchase of a lilo and finishing that first book the day that you started it! The first things that you do – every time!

This is not our first holiday to Tenerife. It is however the first time that I have sat writing my blog on my phone, whilst sat next to the pool in the sunshine!


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3 Responses to The First Time, Everytime!

  1. Linda says:

    Make sure you have the suncream on its HOT!!!

  2. connie keck says:

    Enjoy it all! Hope you are feeling better big hugs. Xxx

  3. ceejayblue says:

    I know what you mean! This holiday we are hoping to go to Ronda, not the first time but instead of the car, we’re going in the train from San Roque, a great adventure! Then we’re going to meet a lady I’ve met through Trip Advisor and met a couple of years ago in Nerja and we are meeting up at her home to do a tour of Lake Vinuela, which is a place we’ve always wanted to go to.

    Holidays, certainly mean that we have a wonderful break but have fun meeting new people and trying new things.

    Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time, have a sangria for me too and I’ll return the favour when I’m on the Costa Del Sol on the 31st!


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