Thank You …..

… For all of the sympathy that my last post has brought my way – I feel very special and loved. You will be pleased to know that my cold is much better today! Equally, I apologise to those of you that were very worried about me. That wasn’t my intention. I was grumpy and felt like a rant and using my blog saved my poor hubby just a little bit of my complaining! I was trying not to share too much so as not to cause un-necessary worry and did exactly the opposite. For someone who writes a lot, I don’t seem to have had a way with words yesterday. 😉

Anyhow, please know that I am fine. I am going to have a Hysterectomy in September and that will solve all of my current problems. The medication that I am now taking will make that process much easier so, is a necessary evil. Whilst it will help with the surgery – it effectively plunges you into the menopause – Bam! I wasn’t ready for that. Hence the symptoms referred to yesterday that are the cause of my complaining so much!

Nearer the time – I will let you know how things are going and will readily accept more sympathy I am sure, but for now – no need to worry! It’s actually nice to have time to prepare and be ready.

More immediately – I have a holiday to get ready for. The suitcases are back out of the attic and I need to be thinking about packing. We have checked in online for our flights (What a palaver that was – RyanAir take note!) and printed the various documents required. So tomorrow evening I will pack, Thursday evening I will re-pack, Friday I will probably pack, weigh the cases and then repack before leaving on Saturday with the cases containing everything that went in the first time around. Even though I know that’s how it will be, it won’t stop me doing it!

I can already see hubby rolling his eyes and hear him tutting ….!!!

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One Response to Thank You …..

  1. ceejayblue says:

    I had a hysterectomy about 12 years or so ago, best thing I ever did. They only took my uterus and left my ovaries and cervix (which my GP later queried because he said “Oh you know you could still get cancer don’t you?”) as I didn’t want to go into full menopause and the consultant said that my ovaries were fine, it was just my fibroids that were causing the problem. I had spent years suffering with them and it was just a wonderful relief to get rid of them.

    So, luckily I didn’t go into the menopause straightaway. Having said that, now 12 years on and aged 61 I can honestly say I sailed through the actual menopause, the odd hot moment but nothing else and considering my old mum suffered in silence for years I count myself very lucky.

    I’m sure that you will be fine and you will find yourself with a whole new lease of life.

    As for packing for holidays, I’m not going till 31 August but we’ve already checked in on line (so easy with Easyjet) printed off boarding passes for both directions and now safely in our holiday folder ready to go in the hand luggage!

    Have fun while you’re away.


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