That Holiday Feeling!

I haven’t yet had chance to write all of the posts that I wanted to following my trip to Australia – and yet I am about to take off for a week again! This time I am off to Lloret De mar in Spain for a cheeky week of cheap and cheerful sunshine. Have I mentioned before in my blog that I love sunshine?! Anyhow, it’s off to the airport hotel tonight after work for a very early flight tomorrow morning. I am packed and ready to go. I must be getting better as I have not had the usual panicky feeling (yet!) and have not turned into a a holiday control freak manic (yet!). I still struggle to fit a weeks worth of holiday luggage into 15kg so am always grateful for the 10kg of hand luggage. Whenever I complain to my hubby about my case being too heavy I get the same response – “take some things out then.” Will he ever understand? My response is always the same – “If I didn’t need it it wouldn’t have been packed in the first place!” Cue much eye rolling from him and muttering about why I even bother to complain to him about the weight if I am not prepared to reduce it! Truth be told he must sigh a huge sigh of relief when he drops me off at the airport and returns home to a week of peace and quiet and tidiness!

You might remember the long “Girlie” weekend that I wrote about last year. My Mum and her friend Kerry went on a weeks holiday to my beloved Tenerife and invited me to join them for a long weekend. We had a ball. It was hilarious. I wrote about it here:

I then received a flurry of complaints from my travel companions that my blog post about our trip was boring, and had to “Stand Corrected” as per the below post!!

This time, I am again travelling with Mum and Kerry. My cousin Nicola is also coming. I am really excited! Mum and Kerry are sharing one apartment and Nicola and I have another. So I will have three critics of the resulting blog entry from this girlie week of sunshine.

You have been warned!! 🙂

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3 Responses to That Holiday Feeling!

  1. ike says:

    Say it as it is. Boring or not. The travel agency should get their act together.

  2. I’m not stalking you honest, we will be further south – but it looks as if we will both have lovely weather. Have a great time. xxx

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