Losing My …….. Things!

Losing things is so annoying! I seem to be forever losing something, and now that I have no teenagers at home “borrowing” my belongings, I can only blame myself!!

In January, I brought myself a Radley watch. I brought it from Duty Free on the return flight from the Dominican Republic. I have only worn it a few times preferring to keep it for “best”. I took it with me to Australia and wore it once or twice whilst there. I remembered packing it safely to come home. Once home, I spent weeks looking for it. I didn’t make much effort assuming that it would simply turn up when I wasn’t looking for it, but I was keeping an eye out for it. By last weekend it still hadn’t appeared and I was getting very puzzled. I was certain that it had come home with me and started to search properly. I checked empty cases, toiletry bags, make up bags and the bags that Sam had brought bits and pieces home in. Nothing, zilch, nada. I checked and re-checked my jewellery box, my drawers and my pots of nick knacks. I started to give up hope. I was quite sad. The watch was not of huge monetary value but was pretty.

Then a few days later, the sunglasses that I keep in my car broke. I spend a lot of time in my car thanks to the London traffic and sunnies are essential. It isn’t often sunny and bright but when it is the sunglasses are always on! I remembered that I had brought a pair of sunglasses when in Australia. I had a little poke around and found them. I opened the case to check them before taking them to my car and hey presto! There, in the case underneath the glasses was my watch! It was very safe and sound, which is probably why it was packed in with them – not that I remember! I was so happy to find it though!

But, as I sit and write this, I wonder what is being lost the quickest – my belongings or my memory!! 🙂

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