We’re Going to Wembley!!

I couldn’t miss a golden opportunity to write a blog about The Golden Boys AKA Watford FC!! My hubby is a Liverpool supporter but has had a Watford season ticket for a good few years now. I am more of a fair weather supporter but like to tag along every now and then. Having missed the automatic promotion to the Premiership we found ourselves in the play-off place. We were up against Leicester and the first leg was away. Leicester won that game 1-0. Yesterday was the second leg at Watford. So off we went to the most important match of the season so far – full of hope!

Watford FC

Watford FC

At 90 minutes we were 2-1 up which meant that we were even on a 2-2 aggregate score overall. 6 minutes into injury time we were accepting that we were headed for extra time. Then disaster struck. Leicester were awarded a penalty. It was a harsh penalty – the result of a dive. But, the penalty had been awarded and we were devastated. Then, in fairy-tale style our keeper made the most amazing double save and the relief flooded through every Watford supporter – we were still in it! Better than that – Watford were on the break and headed up the field. 20 seconds after the Leicester penalty was saved ……. 7 minutes into injury time with just seconds left on the clock -we scored!! The stadium erupted and it was absolutely amazing!! The video below was the hilarious live commentary for Sky Sports and starts six minutes into injury time …


The next video is the last few minutes of the match – unbelievable scenes.


I cannot describe the feelings – despair to elation in the space of seconds. It was a great game and a heart stopping finish! We were very proud to be Watford fans that’s for sure. So we have a trip to Wembley to look forward to. We are praying for the win there that will see us back in the Premiership. The play-off final is the richest game in football worth £120 million. I have a feeling that that 90 minutes is going to take years off of me …. 🙂

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