A bunch of sunshine

I love flowers. I like to have a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase in my living room – and when I do have, I truly do enjoy them. Fortunately my husband is fairly good at keeping them supplied!

Over the years I have had many different types of flower and flower arrangements – even ones that have included a bottle of wine and chocolates with the delivery! I love getting flowers as a surprise. I enjoy buying flowers for others and get very excited waiting to hear that they have been delivered and have brought cheer. I have even brought lovely flowers for my husband as an apology. Fortunately, I am a well behaved wife and this was only required on one occasion – but they worked a treat 😉

I like carnations, they are fairly standard for flowers I know, but they are pretty. I like roses and I like flowers that smell nice such as stocks. I like to see sunflowers and I like chrysanthemums. I don’t like tulips much – they make too much mess as all of the petals fall off. Lily’s I find odd. They are very beautiful but the strong scent always reminds me of a funeral so I don’t really have them.

The hands down winner for me in the flower stakes, is the humble daffodil. I just love them. They are bright and sunny flowers that make me feel good inside. They remind me of spring and summer and being warm. They cheer me up no-end. They are perhaps the cheapest bunch of flower to buy but there isn’t a bunch of flowers that I would rather receive. For me, a bunch of daffodils is like having a bunch of sunshine.

Daffodil 1daffodil 2

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