A Role Model … At Last!!!

I just thought that I would quickly share the following with you. As you all know, I gave up smoking six months ago. Some of you may know that it is National No Smoking day in the UK on 13th March. Recently, I was asked to give a little interview to the PR people from the stop smoking service that supported me. Anyhow, it seems that they have decided to use me as the Hertfordshire “success” story to promote No Smoking Day locally! The link is to the press release on the website and will also be popping up in local press. Apparently I might also be asked to do other promotion work such as radio interviews.

I hope that my old school teachers are reading this ….. I am finally a good role model!!



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2 Responses to A Role Model … At Last!!!

  1. Ike Ezerioha says:

    Good on you, Kelly. This may lead to bigger and better things.

  2. Chris Jopp says:

    Well done Kelly, its hard giving up smoking and perhaps your experience will help others and could kickstart a whole new career for you. xx

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