Holiday Time!

Finally – today has come!! Hubby and I have been counting the weeks, days and hours to today, when finally our holiday begins! This evening we will stay in an airport hotel, before flying off to the Dominican Republic tomorrow. We are excited beyond words!

I love the feeling the evening before a holiday – especially when staying at the airport. For me it is part of the holiday. The organising, plotting, planning, packing and re-packing is done and I can relax and enjoy. The anxiousness disappears and is replaced with excitement. I will finally stop worrying about what I have forgotten and relax.

And then tomorrow, we will be there. For weeks we have read reviews, looked at pictures and checked the resorts “live webcam” to see what the weather looks like! It looks lovely to us and we are looking forward to exploring somewhere that we have never been before.

Of course we will take lots of photographs and I will share the experience with you right here on my blog. But until then … stay safe!

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2 Responses to Holiday Time!

  1. Have a wonderful time, xx

  2. Nicola says:

    Have a good holiday xx

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