Time flies!

Another month done today! Who can believe that tomorrow will be the 1st December and the start of Advent? This year has whizzed past at the speed of light. So much has been happening inkellysworld. I simply have not had the time to keep you all updated.

Work is good and as usual busy. Lots of changes and opportunities. Some knock backs recently also, and that has challenged my motivation at times. But, on the whole I can’t complain. I got promoted a few weeks back and am very proud of that 🙂

Family, fills lots of time and it is happy time. My granddaughter is thriving at 14 months old and is beautiful. I love to be with her. She can say a few words now including Nana, and is bright and clever. Adorable. My girls are doing well, both living independently albeit not far from home. Holly regularly pops in with the baby and is looking forward to Christmas. The baby will love the lights and tree this year! Abbie had more facial reconstruction surgery this week following her accident last year. This surgery has corrected her nose structure and facial scarring further and has gone well. She is always so brave. She looks like she has done ten rounds with Mike Tyson at the moment but stays cheerful. If this surgery is fully successful then it will hopefully be the last major one. Fingers crossed. I have nothing but admiration for our NHS – not only did they save Abbie’s life, but they have rebuilt her and made her as good as new. We are truly blessed. Sam, my son is doing well at school and looking forward to Christmas and then, on New years Eve his Birthday. Sam was a Millennium baby, born on Millennium Eve!! We literally left the hospital with him only hours old and went straight up to Milton Keynes to a big family party! My hubby is well and we are looking forward to our upcoming holiday!

Our holiday to the Dominican Republic is now only 5.5 weeks away. I have been busy sorting out all of the bits and pieces this week. API info, worldwide travel insurance, airport hotel and parking, Airport lounge, visa’s, malaria tablets and so on. It’s nice to have it all done – we can’t wait to be there now!! I wonder how it will compare to our much loved holidays in Tenerife….?!

Smoking …… well, I am VERY pleased to report that I am almost at 12 weeks of no smoking now and things have got much easier! I am so glad that I stuck it out. I have moments where the urge to smoke creeps in but all in all those moments pass very quickly and are becoming far less frequent and uncomfortable. I am feeling strong and committed and healthier! I go to the gym more now and breathe much easier. I have put on weight – almost a stone, so the gym is helping with that now and I am trying to eat a bit healthier. I booked the airport lounge purely because instead of waiting until the last minute before going through security so that we can smoke until the very last opportunity, we can now go through early, shop and relax. What a difference. I have also booked flights to go to see my sister in Sydney in late March because the long flight now is not of a concern as I can go without being a smoker!! It keeps me motivated!

Last weekend hubby and I went to Butlins for our annual Madness weekend and it was just as good as last year. Madness performed on 2 of the nights along with a host of other bands and groups that played over the weekend. The comedians were great and we were kept entertained all weekend. We booked a much higher level of accommodation this year and much preferred it. It was a lovely weekend despite the rain!! Tonight we are going to see Keane at the O2. We have seen them a few times and they are great live. I love their music.

The weather is COLD now. Temperatures have dropped a lot this last week and I can’t bear it. I have mentioned it before but I hate the cold. I have invested in a new scarf, ear muffs and gloves this week but wont really be happy until winter is over. Despite hating winter, I love Christmas. I am busy wrapping presents and will write a few cards this weekend. I only send cards now to those that I don’t see very often. Instead of sending to everyone else I make a donation to Many Tears Animal Rescue. They are a small animal rescue in Wales and are very deserving of the donation. They can be found here: www.manytearsrescue.org

Tomorrow I am having my hair cut and highlighted. It is very long now, very thick and it is hard work washing, drying and straightening it. I like it long but regularly just tie it back so that it is not in my way. I want to be brave tomorrow and have a lot cut off but I always lose the bravery when I walk into the salon!! I will update you!!

That really is the last few weeks news in brief! Other than that I have some reviews that I will hopefully get around to writing and posting during the next week both here and on Trip Advisor. Who knows what else will come up ……. 🙂

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