Register to be a donor

I like browsing through other peoples blogs, especially those that have popped a like or a comment on one of my blog posts. Since yesterday, I have been reading, and thoroughly enjoying one called mysisterskidney –

It is beautifully written and very real. I won’t go into great detail about it here but wanted to copy / re-blog the entry about organ donation. I have been on the organ donor register for many years. What made me chuckle reading this blog, was the comment at the end about the eyes – I did exactly the same and un-checked the box. Plus, one of mine doesn’t work so I was worried about disappointing someone! The link to the organ donation blog is below.

Register to be a donor.

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One Response to Register to be a donor

  1. I went and had a look and it made me smile, a nice blog, so thank you Kel.

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