A catch up – at last!!

I am failing miserably at keeping my blog updated at least weekly! I think about it every day, have lots lined up to write about and yet evening comes and something else takes over! Still I am here now!

As ever, life “inkellysworld” is busy. Time ticks by so quickly – in fact, this year is absolutely flying by. I cannot believe that we are almost in October. I daren’t mention the C word yet – but the shops are starting to stock the related items and it is only 88 days away! I love the C thing – but what I hate is the winter. It really is simple in that I hate the cold. I feel the cold terribly and will get cold by mid October and likely won’t feel warm again until May! I yearn to live in Tenerife even more so at this time of the year! We have a holiday planned to a warm destination in January so that might just save me!

Plenty else has been happening here. I won’t bore you with the more mundane I promise!

In August I had a second daughter, Abigail, turn 18. So, I now have adult daughters and a soon to be teenage son. The occasion was greatly anticipated by said daughter and weeks of planning had gone into what turned out to be a celebration week! I got in first with a surprise family party which was a lovely evening. It just so happened that we had chosen the hottest Saturday of the year (great when you have a buffet for 70 people to prepare!) and everyone had a lovely time. It was also the first time that my Dad and Step Mum had had all of their grandchildren (and Great Grandchild!) in one place so it was lovely to get a picture of them all!

18th Party  Grand Children!

The very same daughter is currently in Egypt on her first ever holiday without Mum and Dad but with boyfriend. She had allowed me a small hand in the choosing of the hotel or, rather, the checking of the Trip Advisor ratings of her short-list but, other than that, my only role was to re-pack her case! I worried like any parent would but as it is she is having a marvellous time!

My eldest daughter Holly, has been busy with my little Granddaughter Alisha. Alisha is a beautiful baby and very clever! She was walking confidently at ten months and quite amazingly will be a year old in a couple of weeks. She really is a character and keeps Holly busy. Holly is a very good and very hands on Mum and it is lovely to watch your own children with their children.


Hubby is happy as ever and ticks along quietly amongst the chaos of everything else! He is very pleased that the football season is underway again – being a fanatical Liverpool fan and Watford season ticket holder. He recently brought a new car which he is very pleased with, popping outside with a cloth every now and then to wipe away some imaginary fleck of dust or other 🙂

My son Sam, has started a new year at school and is already coming home with glowing reports and rewards. He is very engaged with school and enjoys it very much which is good. He likes to have his friends round after school and most days there are a few of them up in his room, all with their lap tops and games consoles having a battle of one kind or another!

I have a couple of trips to write about soon also. A few weeks ago hubby and I stayed for a night at The Grove. A beautiful 5 star hotel just a few miles from us. We have eaten in one of their restaurants a few times now and it has been amazing. We had wondered every time what it would be like to stay, and whether the experience would justify the price. We booked very last minute on a whim and I will write soon with an update …….

Last weekend I took my four year old niece to Disneyland Paris. Again, I will write about our weekend very soon!

Other than that, life remains full of work, family, friends, dogs, home improvements and the usual day to day life! Tomorrow my little dog Humphrey will celebrate his Birthday – he will be six. He is all booked in for a bath and hair cut at a local dog spa so should have a lovely day – I would like to be my dog!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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4 Responses to A catch up – at last!!

  1. ceejayblue says:

    I’ve had the same problem! So much to write about so litle time to do it! I’m updating my blog this weekend!

    Need to promise myself that I will spend at least a few minutes a day just drafting my blog and perhaps post once a month at least! Looking forward to getting back to it and hope that people will enjoy mine as much as I’ve enjoyed reading yours.


  2. It can be a bit of a chore sometimes but glad to see you back – we missed you xx

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