Destination Unknown.

I have booked our next holiday, which isn’t that unusual. I like to plan. What is unusual is that this holiday will just be myself and hubby. We are leaving everyone else at home with Grandma (my Mum) and taking two whole weeks to ourselves! What is going to shock everyone the most, is that we are not going to Tenerife.

It happened rather quickly. I had been toying with the idea of going somewhere different next year. There is after all, a whole world out there to explore. Much as we love Tenerife, I would like to go a little further afield. So, I picked up a tropical brochure and started flicking through. I was very taken by a particular resort and hotel and folded the page.

My Mum called yesterday morning and we were talking about January. My Mum lives in a static home where they have to be off of the site for four weeks every January. Mum is going to spend a month in Australia with my younger sister at the start of February so is unable to go abroad as she usually would during her “offsite” period. Helpfully, and on a whim, I offered her to stay at our house for two weeks, to save her spending money on a hotel or similar during this time. The only catch being that hubby and I weren’t there!

Mum is very, very good at helping us get some quality time now and then, and over the years we have been lucky to have her on board for weekends away and nights out. But, two weeks is a big ask! However, this little arrangement kind of suited us all – I admit us more than Mum most likely! Only one of my girls lives at home now, has just just turned 18 and is self sufficient. Our youngest is the only one who will need looking after as such. He will be 13 by then and will be at school. When he is not in school he is very well behaved and again fairly self sufficient. So between us we thrashed out a deal that remarkably saw us child free for two whole weeks. (Thanks Mum!!)

The lure of two weeks of child free luxury was not too be wasted or debated. This was an unexpected, opportunity to treat ourselves – dreamt of regularly over the last 20 odd years!! There was no too-ing and fro-ing between resorts and hotels as is usual when holiday planning. Hubby did not have to sit through various presentations or lists of pro’s and cons. A quick look at the Trip Advisor ratings and reviews reassured me that this place was a good bet. The pictures looked amazing, the weather would be beautiful, the hotel and facilities looked fabulous. So, within twenty four hours of having first looked at the brochure, and within an hour of Mum agreeing to stay, without any further ado, it was booked.

An hour later panic set in. Tenerife, I know well. This seemed way out of my comfort zone all of a sudden! Could I really leave the kids and take a 9.5 hour flight away? What did I know about where I was going? Did we need jabs? Malaria tablets? What currency would we need? Was it safe? Most of the rest of the day was spent researching, glued to the Trip Advisor Forums and reviews!! I now know quite a lot about where we are going 🙂

Yes, some jabs are recommended. Yes malaria tablets are recommended – strangely by the UK advice but not for US, Canadian or other citizens outside of Europe?! I will be doing more research on that one as I understand that some of the medication itself can actually make you feel ill. I don’t fancy that unless essential. Mind you, my hubby had malaria whilst in Kenya (despite taking the required medication) and it nearly killed him so he is in no doubt as to his decision. Our travel insurance is adequate for worldwide travel. US dollars for within the resort and some local currency for outside the resort are required. They have reasonable healthcare if needed. Yes, I can leave the children – but only under duress you will understand…. 😉

I slowly started to calm down. It’s a highly rated luxury 5* resort. We are all inclusive and don’t plan to eat anything in remote villages that we are unable to identify. I won’t be washing in a dirty stream or drinking water that doesn’t come from a bottle. I won’t be hunting animals in remote area’s that are likely to attack me. All I will actually be doing is lying on a powder white beach, under a swaying palm, being pampered and enjoying quality time with my hubby. I won’t be worrying that everything is ok at home, keeping half an eye out for the sharks or, even worse, *shudder* the huge spiders that live there …. much (!!).

I am excited more than nervous now – mostly! The 4 month, 2 week countdown has begun …..  The Dominican Republic is calling us!!

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2 Responses to Destination Unknown.

  1. Jen says:

    You won’t need to take malaria tablets!!!

    • Hmmm – traveller services, FCO and NHS recommend them. Can affect Travel Insurance if you don’t follow advice. Just going to check with Doctor nearer the time when we get our jabs. Rather be safe than sorry 🙂 xxx

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