Eat, Sleep, Surf – Update!

A quick update on the journey so far – taken from the facebook page.

Saturday: ‘Alrighty, so Rian and Dylan have made it to Hokitika! They cycled over 100kms to get there through horrid weather, torrential rain! Their waterproof jackets, gloves and shoes proved not to be that waterproof at all!! They were wet and freezing on their arrival but have found a nice place to stay tonight to warm up and re-assess their waterproofing! The rest of their equipment is sound and their cameras work great! Despite the weather they said they are having a great time and the scenery is beautiful, (photos following soon).”

Sunday: “Dylan: it’s raining again this morning on NZ west coast. We plan to ride through the gold mining town of Ross and camp near Iake Ianthe. Ps, our asses are sore!!!”

Monday “The guys cycled just over 60km today and have made it to Lake Ianthe. They have set up camp for the night and the tents are looking good. Their little gas cooker is also working a treat! To deal with the rain they cycled with plastic bags over their shoes, which worked, however now their feet stink apparently! At the moment the temperature is around 9 degrees, so not as cold as they were expecting. They should be pretty toasty in their -5 degree sleeping bags!”

I Will let you know more as soon as updates are available!

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