Nothing in particular!

Well, the rain continues to fall steadily here. I don’t think that I can ever remember it raining quite so much. It does become depressing after a while. So, in the absence of being able to get out and about without getting wet, today is a very lazy day. In fact, I haven’t even got dressed, since my lovely long soak in the bath this morning! Work is very busy at the moment so it is always nice to have a “down’ day at the weekend, and the rainy weather give’s perfect opportunity.

We are now getting very excited about our imminent family holiday back to Tenerife. I am looking forward to some sunshine! Also, I am looking forward to catching up with friends there, and meeting some friends that I have shared forum and cyber time with but not yet met in the flesh. We are looking forward to eating in some new places, having seen them reviewed on a friends blog. Despite going so often, we always find something new each time. The holiday documentation is now all printed, the toiletries brought and new clothes are washed and ready for the case. The preparation is exciting – but not as exciting as arriving and heading out for that first holiday drink! There is something about that first drink that brings with it a sense of relief. After the flapping and fussing of the holiday preparation, the packing, the leaving the dogs at their holiday kennel home, the cleaning, the locking up, the timing of journeys, hopefully avoiding flight delays, the flight, the airport transfer, the arriving and hoping your chosen accommodation is ok, the unpacking … and finally … all done. Drink in hand, warm air and 2 weeks of fun stretching out in front of you. Heaven!!

I am slightly concerned though, as we seem to have lost one of our suitcases. It’s not the case that I am worried about. Rather, how do you lose such thing as a suitcase?! It’s not small enough to have slipped behind something, and we know it came back with us last holiday. All of the other cases are in the attic – so where has this one gone?! A mystery it is!

Another mystery, albeit a totally different one is this. How does my house get so dusty!! Last weekend, a quick tidy up turned into a 3 hour spring clean. I had intended only to give the couch a quick hoover and the floors a mop. The laminate floors need keeping on top of in our house due to children and dogs. Our dogs are allowed freely onto the couch so animal hair removal is a constant job! Once I had started there was no stopping me. The couch was out and even though I pull it out to clean behind it monthly – it was so dusty!! The rest of the house followed! And, another thing. How does the inside of my washing machine get dirty?! It’s a washing machine and is in daily use – my clothes are clean and yet the inside edges of the machine need cleaning now and then. Similarly, the inside of the freezer – the food goes in and out and is obviously clean or we wouldn’t want to eat it. So, if the things that are going in are clean, and the things coming out are clean – how does the inside get dirty? It makes no sense to me at all! It is true that a house wife’s work is never done!

Tonight I won’t be cleaning. Tonight I am going to Beacon Bingo in Cricklewood. I love bingo! I have yet to win more that what I have spent buying my bingo books, but who knows! Maybe tonight will be my lucky night. House prices at the weekends can reach as much as £4000 so let’s keep fingers crossed. Win or not, it’s always good fun. It also is quite relaxing in a strange way. I have never understood people who say that they can empty their minds totally. My mind is always thinking about something, remembering something or planning something! As bingo is quite fast you have to concentrate – therefore, it is one of the only times that my mind is focussed on one thing and doesn’t have chance to wander! My hubby and son are going to the cinema to watch Spiderman in 3D so it’s just me and Mum for bingo tonight which will be nice.

I didn’t have a plan about what I was going to write today when I sat down at my computer – but I seem to have managed just fine to write about “nothing in particular!!”

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2 Responses to Nothing in particular!

  1. ceejayblue says:

    I’m only just starting to blog and Redqueen recommended I have a look at yours. I find it hard to decide what to put and my first 4 posts were just plain rubbish really! LOL! But then I went on hols to Tenerife and had loads to write about.

    I think your post today is great, its the sort of thing that happens to me, sit down and try to think of something to type and nothing comes out and then suddenly something sparks and you can write loads. It also happens when I make cards, I have a complete blank and artist’s block kicks in and then bang I’ve got a card sitting in front of me that I’m happy with!

    Will enjoy following your blog and might get some hints for mine too!


    • Hi Ceejayblue,
      I haven’t been blogging for long, and Redqueen was brilliant in helping me to get started. I love her blog and always look forward to reading it. I am actually going to write a blog about blogging in the next few days – at least how it is for me, so keep an eye out! I sometimes make a little note when I get an idea for a blog to remind me, but mostly it’s just whatever is on my mind, or in today’s case what come’s to mind. My blog doesn’t really have a theme, other than it is mine!! But I really enjoy doing it, and sharing my thoughts. Thanks for following me, I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog too- we can learn together and if I can help at all just give me a shout. If we can’t suss it our between us, we both know who to call on …!!

      Kelly x

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