Eat, Sleep Surf – Holiday VS Adventure!

I am not really adventurous when it comes to my holidays. I like my comforts and I like safe food, nice beaches and civilisation! When I am on holiday, I like to eat out in the local restaurants, explore the bars and shops, visit popular attractions, enjoy the sunshine and have fun. I also like to venture away from the tourists and explore. I like culture, I like churches and old buildings, I like to know a bit of the history of where I am, I like walking and I like talking to people. There are many, many different places that I would like to travel to and visit, but none of them involve extreme adventure, danger or discomfort. Unlike my sister’s husband Rian! A few years ago, Rian and his best friend Dylan decided to Eat, Sleep and Surf their way across Indonesia. I had heard quite a bit about this trip but it wasn’t until fairly recently that I went to the website that documents this trip and really discovered what it had involved.

I am not sure whether I was amazed or horrified! I read the diary and watched the movie clips (they videoed the whole trip!) and switched between genuine horror and genuine amazement. What this wasn’t was a holiday. In my mind it was as far from a holiday as you could get. That is why I refer to it here as an adventure. It, to me, it initially looked like three months of pain, sickness, creepy crawlies, danger and sometimes, near disaster.  Accommodation was basic at best, transport that was at times hardly roadworthy or seaworthy and remote terrain that I wouldn’t walk let alone attempt to cycle! And cycle these boys did, sixty plus kilometres a day at times.

Once I had got over my shock at some of the challenges the men faced, I started to appreciate what an amazing challenge and accomplishment completing this trip was. Some of the scenery is amazing, the beaches and surfing fabulous, the people that they met, the villages and towns passed through, the limits that they were physically pushing themselves to, the places they visited, the things they tried along the way, the planning and re-planning – the list is endless. It is really and truly an adventure of a lifetime and slowly but surely I can appreciate it. I certainly would never take a trip like this myself but it makes for fabulous reading and, you can even buy the DVD!

But, that is not where Eat, Sleep, Surf ended. In a couple of weeks Rian and Dylan are off on another adventure. This time they are going to cycle across New Zealand. That makes it sound a little like a holiday. It isn’t! Rian and Dylan are cycling up and down mountains, hills and valleys in sub zero temperatures, heavy snow and treacherous weather conditions. Crazy? I think so!! You can follow their planning and progress on their facebook page – and of course I will update you here!

Good luck to Rian and Dylan on your forthcoming adventure – I will think of you often as I lie on a beach in the Tenerife sunshine!!

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2 Responses to Eat, Sleep Surf – Holiday VS Adventure!

  1. It maybe mad but how exciting – you only live once so I would wish them the very best of luck and I will certainly be following them

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