Standing corrected!

So, my last blog detailed a lovely long weekend in Tenerife with my Mum and her friend Kerry. I had not met Kerry before arriving in Tenerife, but she was fabulous and we all got along brilliantly! Kerry is without doubt one of the most outrageous people that I have ever met and had me in fits of giggles many times over. It is Mum and Kerry who have been openly critical of my blog detailing our weekend. The feedback from them was in regard to certain moments that I had purposely omitted from my write up. They felt that what I had written did not actually nearly reflect the fun that we had had. I had lots of questions as to why I had not mentioned, in detail, more of what we had actually chatted about, drank and laughed about. Who was my blog aimed at Mum wanted to know, did I have an army of upper class readers who would no longer read if I had detailed our antics? Was I worried what everyone else might think of me? They thought that my blog would have been much better if I had included all of the things that I left out!!

The truth is, that everything I wrote was true and happened exactly as detailed. The beauty of my blog being my blog, is that I can censor or exaggerate exactly as i see fit! But, I don’t see the point in exaggerating because then it is not actually reality or real. Censoring on the other hand is different!! But, under duress, I feel compelled now to admit to a few additions that had previously been left out of my initial Tenerife Weekend blog!

  • Enjoyed a few cocktails actually should read – ingested large amounts of alcoholic liquid frequently.
  • Went for a nice walk/stroll should actually read – laughed hysterically as mum and Kerry attempted to totter on their high heels without falling over. At one point we had waiters coming out of restaurants and offering them their shoes they were so unsteady.
  • Chatted should read – giggled about sex and other stupid things lots.
  • Lounged by the pool – this should read lounged around Kerry’s breasts. Kerry has spectacular cosmetically enhanced breasts and rarely bothers to cover them on the beach or by the pool.
  • Relaxed on the beach should read – got lots of unwanted male drink seller attention and lewd offers – thanks to Kerry’s breasts.
  • Chilled by the pool – this should read laugh at how many German/Russian men got evil glares from their wives for watching Kerry rub chocolate sun oil into said breasts by the pool/on the beach.
  • Swam in the pool – should read that we found a ball and decided to play with the ball in the pool throwing it very high so that Kerry and her large chest had to jump to catch the ball again getting other male guests into trouble with said partners.
  • Bedtimes were mostly accurately reported except for the night that I ventured to Starco’s with a friend who lives on the island and got home at 4am.
  • I subsequently found several pictures on my phone the next day that I did not remember taking. Enough said!
  • I also don’t think that I mentioned that we ate quite a few donuts …….
  • Rifle shooting – attempted and failed, mostly due to our giggling and complaining about what we could and couldn’t shoot.
  • I might have skimmed over how much shopping we actually managed to fit in.
  • Laughing – I definitely wasn’t clear enough on the fact that I have not laughed as much in a long time. We were literally laughing from start to finish, the kind of laughing that leaves tears running down your face.
  • We weren’t laughing at ourselves!

So, there it is. I stand corrected!

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4 Responses to Standing corrected!

  1. I have a vivid picture in my mind of tottering on high heels as I did the same myself on Friday night, looking at the ramp and thinking how the hell do I walk down here without going base over apex !! Thanks for all the gory details they make me laugh out loud. xx

  2. kim dodson says:

    lmao 🙂 now that’s what I’m talking about !

  3. Jen says:

    Ha ha nice one!

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