Lost and Found.

Today’s front page news both shocked and then, amused me. The headline in question was as follows: “David Cameron leaves 8 year old daughter in pub!”

Well, at first I was slightly shocked. How on earth had the Prime Minister and his wife managed to leave one of their children in the pub? According to the story, it wasn’t until they got home some 15 minutes later that they realised that they had left her! The parents had travelled separately in different cars. On leaving, both had thought that the daughter was in the other parents car. So, it wasn’t until they got home that they realised that in fact neither parent had her. Of course they promptly returned for her and all ended well. Easy enough for a harassed parent. However – I wonder what the aides and body guards were doing and how they hadn’t noticed that the very family that they are no doubt being paid good money to keep safe, had one very important person missing!!!

I have to confess that this story brought back some memories. When my first born was just a week old, we went on our first shopping trip. We set off with me proudly pushing my precious cargo in her new pram. First stop, as ever on my weekly trip to town was the Post Office. This particular day was no different. I entered the Post Office and parked the pram inside to queue. I did what I had to do and left. It wasn’t until I had walked around the corner that I realised that I had left the pram and baby in the Post Office! Fortunately no-one had realised! Well, I was sure that this must have been done before. Sleep deprived new parents surely take time to get used to actually remembering that they are now plus one don’t they? ….. Apparently not. I have yet to meet another parent that had actually forgotten the baby.

Then there was the time that hubby and I had just moved from Devon to Luton. He was working nights and me days. The girls were 5 and 6 years of age and at school. Hubby slept whilst they were at school and I was at work. Except that on this particular day hubby slept, and slept, and slept. Right past school pick up time. The school, having ended at 3.15pm finally managed to contact my Mum at 5pm, who rushed over to collect the poor abandoned mites!!

Then the day that Sam aged just 2 went missing in the park. That was truly scary. He disappeared so quickly. Literally in the blink of an eye. The park was packed on a warm summers day. I had turned around to push one of the girls on the swing and when I turned back he was gone. I was frantic, the park play area was gated so someone had either let him out or taken him out. Outside of the park the canal was in one direction and the road in another. Which way to run first? Who do I tell? Well, within minutes we found him sat patiently next to the bouncy castle, shoes removed and waiting his turn with perfect manners. Phew.

I remember when my eldest was 7 or 8 and was convinced that our old house had a ghost and refused to sleep. Night after night we would be up with her explaining that no, no-one  was in the house that shouldn’t be and that the creaking was the hot water pipes. One night she refused, as usual to go to bed. She informed us that she “was not sleeping in the house ever again.” We were so exhausted! “Fine” I replied. “You will have to move out then.” So, wearing nothing but a little cotton nightie she left. It was dark and cold and not for one minute did I think that she would move from the door step. A few minutes later there was a tap on the door. There on the doorstep was my friend from the next road with Holly in her arms! Holly had run around to her house and told her that I had thrown her out in her nightie and she had no slippers and nowhere to live!!

So, I wouldn’t worry too much Mr Prime Minister – welcome to my world!!

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5 Responses to Lost and Found.

  1. Connie Keck says:

    lol Kelly…..love the Holly story. Happened to me, nevermind kids. My then hubby left me in Kentucky. Not knowing I got out of the van to go to the bathroom while he was in the bathroom at a rest stop. I was sleeping in the back and he wanted to be so quiet and not wake me, so he closed the door quietly and left going onto Hwy 75 north. I had no money and no contacts in….couldn’t see a thing! LOL. Unfortunately, we found each other!!! hahaha

  2. Lol! That is really funny – I bet it wasn’t funny at the time though!! xxx

  3. kim dodson says:

    I lost u quite a few times but u kept finding me !!!! x x x

  4. We did exactly the same as the PM but with the mother-in-law the car behind us thought she was with us but it was the dogs head they could see. We were never allowed to forget LOL

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