Whatever the Weather.

Today it is chilly and raining heavily. In fact, it has rained for the last 5 days. It’s hard to believe that less than 2 weeks ago, we were all enjoying the heat and sunshine. Silly us if we thought that the summer was upon us! If there is one thing that we cannot rely on in England it is the weather. Even in the middle of summer, our weather is not reliable. Many a summer BBQ or event has had to be rescheduled hastily because it is wet or much colder than we expect. I don’t like the cold and I don’t particularly like the rain. I get cold in mid-October and generally stay cold until Mid May – unless of course, I am in Tenerife! The weather must be the most talked about topic in the world. In the winter we complain that it is too cold, the spring to wet, the summer generally too cold and too wet – the autumn, well, it is much like summer just colder!! If it should snow, then the country literally grinds to a halt! When the sun does come out and the weather gets warm I hear people complain that it is too hot, too muggy or too sticky. Me, I celebrate when it is warm and sunny – I don’t believe that too hot exists!!

On holiday forums the most commonly asked question is what can be expected of the weather. Long range forecasts are consulted weeks before a trip and disappointment prevails if the temperatures do not live up to expectations.  I hear so many conversations about the weather and if, we happen to spend time with people not familiar to us, the weather is always a safe topic.

I think that the world looks better in the sunshine. During our recent spell of warm weather it seemed that everyone came out of hiding! The beauty salon that I use was full of ladies requiring leg waxes, nail polish and spray tans so that skin could be exposed and pretty summer dresses worn. Music drifted from surrounding gardens, BBQ smells wafted around, children could be heard splashing in paddling pools, adults chatting and laughing and dogs barking. The shops seemed busier, beer gardens and outside seating areas full, the parks were busy with families picnic-ing and everyone just seemed happier.

Right now I can hear the heavy rain pattering against my windows. If I listen outside my back door then that is the only noise that I can hear. No-one wants to be outside in this. And, it looks like the rain is here to stay until next week at least. We are expecting gales to go with the rain this evening and tomorrow. At least the drought conditions may now be lifted following our very dry if very cold winter! Today, in direct contrast to a few weeks ago, the world looks very grey.

So for this evening, it will be back to winter food, reading and a DVD. The heating is on, and even the dogs are reluctant to venture out! Whatever the weather – lets cross fingers for some more sunshine soon!

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