Mojito Making.

I first discovered Mojito’s whilst in Tenerife. Sat on the beautiful sea front, watching the world go by, I fancied a change from Sangria. From there on in, a Mojito has been my favourite cocktail. On returning home from a long weekend in the Tenerife sunshine in March, I decided that I would make my own mojito’s. I knew what ingredients I needed, googled a recipe and made my first Mojito. It took ages, and didn’t taste anything like the ones I had had on holiday!! I was quite deflated. And, my hands were stinging from squeezing the limes!

I was not going to be beaten and spent almost a week perfecting the art of Mojito making. I tried a couple of different measures, a couple of different types of rum and invested in a plastic juicer. The juicer was a great buy! A whole 98p, but, that 98p made the whole process much quicker and does the job of extracting the juice perfectly!

Plastic Juicer

After some trial and error, I finally perfected the art. Having done so, I thought that I would share my recipe with you – the recipe given below is for a normal sized glass tumbler, but if you want a pint just double the quantities! A pint does make it sound a large drink, but bear in mind that the drink contains a lot of ice compared to actual alcoholic liquid!

  • 1 teaspoon of white sugar,
  • A sprig of fresh mint, with stalk, plus a few small leaves to garnish,
  • The juice of 3/4 lime,
  • crushed ice,
  • Soda Water,
  • Havanna 3 rum,

Put the sugar, sprig of mint with stalk on and the lime juice into the glass and muggle gently (I use the end of a wooden spoon!!). Add the crushed ice until the glass is 3/4 full. Pour in 1 x generous capful of rum – spilling a little extra in if you like it strong! Add the soda water. Chop the last 1/4 of the lime into two slices. Garnish with a few mint leaves and the lime slices.

Mix with a straw, sit back and enjoy!

Mojito      Perfect Mojito

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5 Responses to Mojito Making.

  1. Connie Keck says:

    My kids would say……you are the bomb! Thanks for the recipe. I LOVE Mojitos. Havana….have to check if we have that here…… of course I presume that is white rum!!! LOL

  2. margaret says:

    and serve in a pint glass magners glass lol 🙂

  3. Looks good enough to turn me to drink 8)

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