In March of last year, I spent a week up a mountain – literally! I went up into the french Alps, to Morzine. Morzine is a very popular ski-ing destination. So why was I there?! Me, who hates the cold and has never skied before nor felt any great urge to!! Let me introduce you to my Brother Jim, his partner Fliss and my lovely niece Daisy-Mae.


Jim and Fliss have travelled extensively. Jim has worked in various ski resorts and also summer resorts. He has traveled solo to many far flung destinations. In the spring of 2010, Jim and Fliss brought a camper van and together with Daisy-Mae headed off to travel Europe for the summer.

Camper Van travels    Jim Driving

Instead of coming home for the Winter, they managed to get work in Morzine for the ski season, rented a chalet and set up home for the winter!  the March, Fliss needed to come home for a week and so there was a childcare vacancy – enter Aunty Kelly! So that is how I found myself up a mountain in the Alps!

I flew Luton to Geneva on Easy jet. Very easy, very straightforward. The flight was comfortable, no delays and the staff helpful and polite. Jim collected me at the airport and off up the mountain we went. The drive from Geneva to Morzine takes about 1.5 hours. We went past Lake Geneva which was beautiful.

Morzine itself is a beautiful place. The air is clean, the scenery beautiful and the people were very friendly. The wine is ridiculously cheap and the cheese delicious! Obviously, everything there is geared to ski-ing in the winter but I am told it is a warm and sunny place from late spring and very popular with walkers and mountain bikers. The town has a selection of shops, bars and eateries and a lovely town square. There is an ice rink, carousel and frequent music in the square. Torchlight ski processions are regular and its a really nice place for a stroll.


Morzine Chalet   Mountains

There wasn’t much snow in Morzine itself whilst I was there. Apparently it had been quite a poor year for snow, but there was plenty enough on the slopes to have a go at Ski-ing. What a disaster that was! It really isn’t as easy as it looks! But, there are plenty of ski schools, adult and child offering lessons.

Ski   falling over

We took a walk around a huge lake that was completely frozen and had hot chocolate in a sweet cafe half way round. In the summer that same lake is full of swimmers and water activities!

Morzine frozen Lake   Morzine

We drove up to Avoriaz – right at the top of the mountain, where there was much more snow. Again very beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking. The drive up there was also breathtaking – and completely terrifying! Twists, turns and sheer drops! I dread to think of how hard it must be to navigate it in heavy snow. But navigate it they do – there are constant airport transfer vans and even a bus service that trundle up and down. Obviously they are much more equipped for the heavy snow than us Brits and have proper snow ploughs, gritters and blowers.

Avoriaz Avoriaz


I had a lovely week, and wouldn’t rule out going back – just maybe in the summer!!

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  1. Jen says:

    Looked beautiful! Xx

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