That Friday Feeling!

Its been a busy week, and as is usual for a Friday evening I am shattered. Work has been very busy this week, but we have had some fun. I am lucky to work with some great people and for a good organisation. Because it’s fairly small, we all get to know each other  and when people leave, whilst we are sad that they are moving on, we generally go out to say goodbye. The occasion last Friday was to bid farewell to Maggie who was our Learning and Development Manager. We went for a lovely lunch to say goodbye!

Maggie   Lunch

One of my team members Paul, won a caption competition this week and the prize of a bottle of wine. He could have taken it home but was “encouraged” to share it with all of us! Below is Paul generously pouring his well deserved prize into several plastic cups for us all to enjoy – thanks Paul!!

Jason brought everyone Ice poles yesterday because it was so hot and this morning I took in croissants for us all. Matt and Kismat keep us chuckling, Brian keeps our tea cups topped up, Helen is itching to decorate a new premises that we have acquired, Khalid and Michael always have some wisdom to share and the boss is on a diet!! It’s a nice place to work!

The weather has been scorching from morning to evening this week which makes a nice change!

Warm weather       

The teenagers have been on form this week and hubby and I dream of the day when the stress of trying to parent successfully is over, and it’s just us! Our 12 year old is the exception – he has not yet given us any stress whatsoever and must think that he lives in a mad house. He truly is a joy. Sometimes even the teenagers are a joy. Sometimes they even make us laugh and feel happy!! Mostly we are very proud of them. But, sometimes I think that I live in a mad house. Teenagers one and two have both given us many sleepless nights over the last year or so and this week was no exception where teenager one was concerned. Teenager two has just staggered through the door accompanied by several other teenagers having had several cocktails in the sunshine with friends. I don’t mind her being tipsy, she is almost 18, but would rather it didn’t tornado through my peace and quiet. It’s not unusual for our house to be full of teenagers, music and noise. Except now that they are all 17 & 18 + with them comes the first cars that they block my drive with, teenage love drama’s, late night homecomings, late night out goings, mobiles ringing and pinging, the constant need for money, the sink full of dishes, the door knocking, Jeremy Kyle talking to himself 24/7 in the background and a never ending pile of washing – and not always even our washing!!! They are out having fun and I am lying awake worrying about them getting home safely. I spend hours teaching them right from wrong, safe from sorry, sensible from silly, niceness from bitching. Learning that they get to an age where only they can choose whether to use the advice or not has been a hard lesson. Accepting that both girls are at an age where I can no longer take responsibility for their actions doesn’t come easy. I don’t mind admitting that being a parent is hard work. I don’t find it easy at all and am always juggling something, feeling guilty about something or stressed!  Hubby and I are getting to the point where we are “so over it!!”. It is not “banging” “peng” or “leng”. Neither is it “sick” “bare” or “piff”. Its damn tiring but, one day, it will be job done and they will be independent, happy, settled, financially independent of us, self sufficient and making there mark on the world sharing only the nice things with us ………… won’t they….?! I’m hanging on in there you know!!!

   My girls

Last weekend we cleared out our 12 year old son’ room and swapped his single bed for a high sleeper with a desk and space underneath. It also has a chair that pulls out into a bed so he has a friend staying tonight. I can hear them now playing snap and giggling away! It’s given him much more space and he is really pleased with it!

My beautiful granddaughter has enjoyed the sunshine and got her first 2 teeth this week! She is such a beautiful and happy baby – always smiling.

Baby Alisha    Baby Alisha 7 months

All three of my children are aware that I now write a blog and I know that two of them have had a look. All three are now asking when  I will write a blog about them – both of the girls were miffed when I wrote about the dogs before writing about them!! But the first individual person blog that I write about will surely have to be about my granddaughter – sorry guys – and hubby!! The eldest did make me laugh though when she said that she had a blog page but “didn’t really get the point of it because its just writing!” The middle one made me chuckle this morning. She came to work with me and on the drive into London was on the phone to a friend and was asked where about’s in London the office was. Her reply – “it’s on a busy road next to a Waitrose and near a McDonalds and a tube station!” That narrowed it down!

So, the weekend is on us again, another week done. One of my favourites things in the week is Friday evenings. The weekend stretches ahead and the alarm clock won’t wake us in the morning! The weather is forecast to stay hot and sunny all weekend and I have all of the ingredients to make Mojito’s to enjoy in the sunshine.

Ahhhhh – that Friday feeling!!

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2 Responses to That Friday Feeling!

  1. Love, it – brings back all the memories of having teenagers. They may grow up and the problems just change but we wouldn’t swap and neither would you. lol xx

  2. kim dodson says:

    So, I no u r waiting 4 a comment ! Ok.. DOGS ….. I can understand u writing about dogs … what if I only had dogs ? You love them, they love you, u spoil, treat, snuggle up an enjoy their slobbery kisses ! With insurance not a lifetime of financial expense ! You watch them grow from puppies an they listen an learn an mostly do as they are told ! You enjoy walks an outings, they don’t bring all their mates round, eat your special cake you brought to treat yourself, they sleep through the night and don’t disturb you ! They don’t need designer clothes, mobile phones, pinch your stuff or borrow money ! You go on to enjoy their offspring an when they start running around and being and need training, you give them away, even MAKE money ! You provide them with all their needs and they respect and wag their tails at you ! People stop and admire your dog and you smile and HONESTY say, he’s no bother, I wouldn’t be without him ! You are not waiting for them to grow up and leave home, in fact, u want them to stay FOREVER ! As you grow older they quite enjoy the fact you slow down, go into doggy talk, wonder round in slippers and no longer want to go on 5 mile walks to keep fit and retain brain function, as long as you remember to feed them ! SO YEP, as great grandma and with hindsight …. DON’T ask me to choose between dogs and kids !!!!!! luv ya lol xxxx

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