Travels and Tenerife.

I love to travel. It’s not just the actual trip that I love, it’s the planning and organising that goes with it. It started in 2004 when we could finally afford our first foreign holiday. I set about going through piles and piles of holiday brochures, spent hours at the travel agents having them price up various options before eventually just telling her what our price range was. She duly sat and trawled through the options available within our price range. We decided on Benidorm. I brought all of the travel books, we did not have a computer then, nor did we have the luxury of trip advisor!! I talked about our holiday to anyone who would listen – I was so excited! It was the first time that the children had been on an aeroplane and we just couldn’t wait. We all got our passports – Mine and hubby’s were renewals and the children had first passports. We all had new cases and new clothes! I had every factor sun cream, a full first aid kit, cooling sprays – you name it, Mum had packed it!! The day finally came and we all got dressed in our “plane clothes” and set off for the airport. I will never forget the kids laughing as the plane took off! We had a lovely holiday – every second was brilliant. From that moment on, holidays became my obsession. I have every travel brochure imaginable. I spend hours on the internet researching hotels, holiday spots, reading forums, choosing places that I would like to visit in the future. Hubby laughs because I can name the hotels that are on the travel channel from seeing the pools!! It is my obsession. We have been very lucky since 2004 and have been able to enjoy lots of trips abroad. Family holidays have included Benidorm as mentioned. A holiday at The First Choice Holiday Village the year that it opened on the Costa Del Sol – fabulous for familes with small children. , Salou – wasn’t keen for many reasons but the Portaventura Theme park was brilliant.  Zante – a surprise holiday for the children, who knew nothing until we woke them up at 4am to actually go! That was brilliant, a good friend came as did my sister and her then boyfriend and we had a great week! DisneyLand Paris. The Algarve. Florida, we first went almost exactly 4 years ago – May 2008. It was our “holiday of a lifetime”. It was that good we have been back twice since! Oh the planning that went into all of our Florida trips has been immense. Park plans, hotel locations, queue research, meal booking, park tickets, money, maps, parades, fireworks, shopping and rest days!! On our second and third visits – 2009 and 2010 we went in January. All of the ride planning went out of the window when we realised that it is so quiet then that you don’t have to worry about queues! We literally had the parks to ourselves. I still made everyone stick to our daily planner though :). The planning is such an enjoyable part for me and the mission runs like clockwork! Obviously we now have computers and that in itself has opened up the world to me!!

magic Kingdom Florida    Universal Studios

In October 2008, I had booked the half term week in October off of work. The weather was miserable, and I decided that as hubby couldn’t have that same time off, I would take the children away for the week. I knew that the Canaries were still good weather wise then and started hunting for a week away for us. It was very last minute, and by the day before I was able to book had decided on Lanzarote. On the following day when I went to book, that particular holiday had gone. However, Tenerife came up on my search at a good price, on the dates that we wanted, and with good flight times. So, I booked it. I was excited but a little scared. I had never travelled without hubby and would be responsible solely for all 3 children for the whole week!! The girls were 16 and 14 and Sam was 8. Three days later off we went. I bet hubby was secretly cheering as he dropped us off at death o clock at the airport that morning! But, there began my love affair with tenerife. We had an amazing week. The sun shone, the beaches were fabulous, there were so many good family bars that we went out every night and it was suitable both for my girls and young son. We went to Siam Park, The Medi-evil Night trip and the Showtime Sound of Musicals trip. I loved the place – we all did and raved about it for weeks afterwards.


When it came to booking our 2009 summer holiday there wasn’t a question of where we would go. Tenerife it had to be. I couldn’t wait to take hubby. Since then I have been many times. Sometimes as a family, once just hubby and I, I have been with just my son for a break while my Mum was there as well, with my eldest daughter and son, with just my middle daughter, a friend and with my Mum. We are going back in July for our family summer holiday and it will be my 3rd trip to the island this year! In fact, it will be my 11th trip overall in less than 4 years. We have also booked to spend this New Year there. We now have friends there that we keep in touch with and look forward to seeing when we visit. We know where we are from the moment we land and are a short 15 minute transfer into Playa De Las Americas where we always stay. We don’t always stay at the same place – but have liked everywhere that we have stayed.

   Tenerife Coast

We have taken boat trips, walked from Los Cristianos all the way to Del Duque, been to The Monkey Park, The Camel Park, Jet Skied, taken island tours, taken evening show excursions, been to Siam park several times and Aqualand, eaten in lovely restaurants, been welcomed everywhere, have favourite places to visit and find new ones on every visit. We have been to the markets, shopped, browsed and take life at a much more likeable pace than whilst at home. I love the climate, the scenery that differs so much from one side of the island to the other, the beaches the bars the restaurants the atmosphere and the people. It’s like a second home to me now. Its where I truly feel relaxed and at peace. While there are other places that we want to visit and holiday in, I am sure that we will frequently find ourselves back in our favourite place!

Water sports - Las Vistas Beach  Camel Park Tenerife  Tenerife  Tenerife

One day we will go to live in Tenerife, without doubt.  It’s in my heart now and I know we will get there. In the meantime I go as often as is possible. I am really proud to be a Playa De Las Americas Destination Expert on Trip Advisor and love helping others plan holidays there. I am getting quite a reputation amongst friends and family as a travel planner and am often asked to help them plan holidays both to Tenerife and other European holiday spots. It’s one of the things that I like doing the most.

I am sure that I will write many more blogs about our holidays, trips and particularly Tenerife so won’t add more here. But,  Just think – one day I will be writing my blogs to you from my new home there, sharing my new life with you!

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6 Responses to Travels and Tenerife.

  1. Connie Keck says:

    Kelly, love that you are doing this….so interesting….perhaps writing should be your next step!!! As my kids would say…’re “the bomb”!!! I think I pushed a few buttons too quickly and all of a sudden I had this huge head on my screen……it was the picture of Steve and Holly on the beach except it was so huge all I got was Steve’s head…..hahaha, no idea what i did…..but it finally went back to normal!!! LOL. Keep on with this……… it. xxxooo

  2. tenerifenell says:

    I absolutely loved reading this Kelly and the reason for that is that it could have been me writing it! I am perhaps just a little step further on from you in that we have now bought our retirement home in Tenerife and will be moving there to stay within 2 years if our early retirement plans go as we hope. Because for the last couple of years we’ve ONLY gone to Tenerife on holiday, once we move there, I’m looking forward to the planning once again just as you describe and we can think about going to places where the sun doesn’t necessarily shine! As you say, however, it’s so much easier to plan with the Internet these days.

    • Hi, Apart from Florida, we have only been to Tenerife the last few years as well and don’t have to plan anymore! However, I still read all the hotel reviews etc and take ages choosing lol! How lovely to have brought your home and be so close to getting there for good! I know that we will go before retirement age (too far away for me!). We might have to work for a few years just to get extra spends, but unlike the career rat race here we will be able to do something far less stressful and part-time. Or perhaps we might buy a business – really not to sure yet. It is very possible that I can freelance from Tenerife so that could be an answer. We dally with the idea of buying a holiday apartment, both for us to use and to rent out for a little extra income, but, I think at the moment we are safer just to save. either way, like you, the planning will go on 🙂 I hope that your early retirement plans all go as planned – keep me posted.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog x

  3. jen says:

    Dont forget to add Australia to your destination list for one day in the future!! xx

  4. Tricia says:

    loved this review and I also didn’t like Salou but loved Portaventura.. I also want to retire to Tenerife one day but OH says no. Maybe I will become a swallow. I have many friends over there as well.

  5. A swallow – what a lovely idea! x

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