Friends – all of them!!

I know an awful lot of people! A close friend once said to me “you are the kind of person that draws others to you.” I liked that – I like people. I have met friends in a lot of different ways and I have a very varied selection of friends. I have friends that I see frequently, some that I don’t see very often, work colleagues that I see almost daily, friends that I have never met in person but feel that I know just as well as those I do see in person. My friends are older than me, the same age as me and younger than me. Some are single and child free and some are parents both with and without partners. Some are in same sex relationships, some are men, some women and some children or teenagers. Some are also my family. Whilst I have a lot of friends, I have a small group of my closest friends. I might not see them frequently but I know that they are there for me night and day and vice versa. I have at times relied on these friends support greatly.

Last year, my daughter who was 16 at the time was in a very serious accident. She had many, many terrible injuries and there was a period where we didn’t know if she would survive. My hubby and I were thrust suddenly into a world of trauma, intensive care, life support, surgeons and were totally in the hands of the medical profession. Such were her injuries, my daughter had to be cared for in a major London hospital a 2 hour journey from our home. We moved into a hospital at home house for parents of very sick children so that we could be near to her 24/7. she was in hospital for over 9 weeks and is still recovering but doing amazingly well. The support that we had and still have, from friends, family, colleagues, work associates, friends of friends, long lost friends and so on was absolutely unbelievable. We were literally inundated with phone messages, texts, e mails, face book posts, letters and cards. We simply were overwhelmed by how many people cared, offered practical help, visited, looked after our other children, dogs and house. Whilst we never could have responded at the time to everyone, we read every message and everyone helped us through. Day and night – literally all night we had messages of support. God they helped in the small hours! We relied on the support offered, enjoyed visits from people that took the time and spent the money just to come and sit with us. We were amazed at how many of our daughters friends found us on face book, found out our mobile numbers and found a way to get in contact with us to tell us how special our daughter was and to see what they could do to help. Family rallied, travelled long distances and put there lives on hold to help and to be with us. Our daughters hospital room was full of gifts, cards, treats and visitors. We had to actually have a visits rota in order to manage the flow as she recovered and was moved out of intensive care. Friends supported us from far and wide, in person, in kind and in spirit. Prayer chains for us went around the world by E mail – imagine, people all around the world praying for my daughter and our family. A get well face book group was set up so that we could update everyone that waited for news, such was the sheer number of those that cared it was the only way that we could possibly update everyone. It still amazes me now.

I have friends that I have never met, but speak to frequently and they help me with all sorts of things! I have met my “cyber friends” through Trip advisor forums, face book games and through other friends on the computer. I am in love with Tenerife and frequent the tenerife travel forum on Trip advisor. One of the friends that I have made through Trip Advisor has a fabulous blog that I thoroughly enjoy reading. She has inspired me to start my own – and e-mailed with tips, advice and encouragement to get me started! Another cyber friend and I have supported each other this last year with family angst, bereavement, chats that make us smile, learning about each others lives from a big distance. We have shared sadness and also lovely events.

I have shared lots of my life with my face book friend community – the excitement whilst we all waited online for the arrival of my granddaughter last October was immense!! I have had nights out, celebrated birthdays, had long lunches, long chats and visits with the friends that I see lots of and little of in person. I have met new friends in many places and been back in touch with old friends. I have met new people through work and play! I have friends that I have met on holiday in Tenerife that I keep in touch with and love going to see when I am back there. Some are young and some old. One of my dearest Tenerife friends is almost 90 and we enjoy lovely times together.

My dear Tenerife friend and I enjoying dinner and music together!Image

I love that my friends list grows year on year. I love meeting new people be it for a fleeting chat or something that lasts much longer. it drives my hubby mad! “Do you have to talk to everyone, everywhere we go?” he grumbles trying to usher me along! The answer is simple – yes! Yes I do, and I can’t ever see that changing. It’s just in my nature to be friendly and chatty! I am surrounded by some wonderful people, in many different capacities and I am grateful for each and every one of them.

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3 Responses to Friends – all of them!!

  1. Connie Keck says:

    Kelly, so beautiful and so lovely to read…..I absolutely love it. I can see that you do have a huge number of friends, you have been a very special friend to me and I hope deep in my heart that one day we shall meet. Kelly Hallett….you are a beautiful, loving, caring person and I am very blessed to have met you. God Bless you and keep this going…..I love it. Lots of love and hugs from Canada. xxxooo

  2. From the first time I read your advice on Tripadvisor I just knew you were a nice person who gets on with most people and likes to help them. Over time that has been proven. I look forward to meeting you and your family on your next visit to Tenerife. xxx

  3. Thank you both – I am looking forward to meeting both of you in person very soon! xx

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