Winter Blues and Yellow Daffodils

It is about now that I have had enough of the winter. What is there to like about it? It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s damp and it is uninspiring. I get lazy in the winter because of the cold. I don’t eat very well preferring comfort food over healthier alternatives. This year I have had two colds and now have had a nasty cough for the last two weeks. It feels like everyone I know has been ill or is ill. Its about now that I get tired. Winter makes me tired. I dream of feeling warm sunshine on my shoulders. It is four months since I have been in the sunshine and my sunshine bank is empty.

So, today I had a sunbed session. Yes, I know that it will apparently age and kill me, just like everything else that I like doing, but today, it was worth the risk! I felt pale, pasty, under the weather and needed some sunshine. At the moment a sunbed is the closest that I will get to that precious vitamin D. I enjoyed it. It was only ten minutes but I closed my eyes and was on the beach. My skin felt warm and I feel just a little better. Mind over matter? Perhaps but what does it matter if it did what I needed it too!!

The sunshine and warm weather make me feel well. They make me feel healthy and full of energy. I sleep better in the summer generally, eat better, exercise more and just feel so much better in myself. So, I for one am very pleased that February is almost done and March will soon be upon us.

There are a few positives. For a winter, so far, the weather hasn’t been nearly as bad as it could have been. The year so far has flown by thanks to a new role and new project at work that is keeping me occupied and frankly, too busy to notice time too much! The evenings are already drawing out and there is already more daylight. Next month the days will continue to get longer before the all important clock change at the end of March. The Daffodil bulbs are already pushing through. I love Daffodils. They are such bright and sunny flowers, bursting into bloom to tell you that spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner. So, the signs of winter fading away are there – just in time to give me some hope!


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A Boring Question.

It’s been over three months since I last posted! But, I am still here!

On realising just how long it has been since my last post, I thought to myself “how boring must my blog be appearing to those who follow it?” After all, with no new posts it certainly won’t get more exciting. But then, I started to wonder what was worse. What was more boring? A blog where I posted lots of meaningless posts, or one where at least when I posted I had something to say?

Only my readers can answer that I guess! :)

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March-ing On!


I haven’t posted much lately, but I have been writing! In between work being busy and the usual time demands of home, family and life in general, I have been writing several forthcoming posts. One is “Abbie’s story.” The story of our daughter Abbie’s car accident that I know several of you have been waiting on. I have also been drafting some posts about sudden trauma, and the effects both short and long term on families – in our experience. I hope that these will help some of the people that I am now in touch with following my “Walk and Die” post and some of the followers that I have gained as a result of that post.

I am happy to report though that Holly, who suffered a serious head injury in November is doing amazingly well and is fully recovered save for some vision disturbances in one eye. Her, her partner and their beautiful little girl are healthy and happy and enjoying life.

Our other daughter Abbie, her partner and their little girl are also healthy, happy and enjoying life. My hubby and I are always enjoying our grandchildren, they are adorable. Our son is well and is working hard at school and looking forward to a school trip to Barcelona at Easter.

Hubby and I are healthy and enjoying a little calm in our lives after the various events of the last few years. It does make you appreciate normality, really appreciate it. I am now fully recovered from my op and feel healthier than I have in years. The dogs are also well and so that completes the immediate family!

So, what’s next? Well, a nice week of sunshine in Tenerife with my mum is what’s next for me! I’m ready for a break and can’t wait to be back there on Tuesday. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of escaping to Tenerife for a pick me up. Hubby has a week off of work also and is looking forward to some peace and quiet relaxing at home while I am away. By the times I get back the clocks will have gone forward and it hopefully will be a little more spring like!

I will be away for Mothers Day, so have had my treats a week early today. I was spoilt as usual. Not just with gifts though, but because I think my children really do understand that the best day for me is one laid on a beach, enjoying peace and quiet, where they can’t come and find me, with no-one to worry about but myself! Let’s be honest, that is the best kind of day any mother could have – or am I just kidding myself – as they actually had no choice in the matter …. hee hee! :)

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Being Anything!

If you could be anything, what would you be?

I have been asked this question several times over the years. I’ve never really had a clear vision of what I want to be. My career has developed from wanting to work with people, particularly those who are disadvantaged in some way. Whilst I love what I do (Director of Operations in a social care organisation), I didn’t ever set out with the specific aim of doing what I do today. I suspect that this is the case for a lot of people. Growing up I wanted to have a family first and foremost, and then probably be a paramedic. I’ve had a long interest in anything medical and may well have pursued a career as a paramedic if I had been able. As it was, I don’t meet the eyesight requirements to hold the required D1 category on my driving license so that never became a reality. But whilst that was what I wanted to be then, it isn’t something that I would chose to be now. My stock answer to the question for a long time has been trauma or emergency medicine Doctor, because of my love of anything medical and the fast paced nature of that particular area of medicine.

Realistically, I’m not actually sure if that is what I would do if I could suddenly chose to do anything. The reality is that I’m still not sure what my perfect job would be! So, I thought about what my perfect job would look like. The perfect job would have to include things that I am good at and things that I enjoy. This is the list of elements that my ideal job would have to have or include:

· People – I like working with people.
· Management, preferably multi site or multi operation.
· Facilitate change and improvement – in people or business terms.
· Travel – I like new places.
· Warm – I definitely don’t like being cold.
· The airport – I love the airport.
· Commercial airliners – I love commercial planes – particularly big ones, and flying.
· Changing and challenging – I get bored easily.
· Hotels – I like staying in hotels.
· Independent – I don’t want to be micro-managed daily.
· Friendly and supportive – I can’t bear bitching or nastiness.
· Developmental – I like to see things grow and improve.
· Fun – Something that I really enjoy doing.
· Have an element of glamour – I do like a nice dress!
· Give me a sense of achievement – not be a never ending thankless task.
· Not consume my personal life – it has to be a balance.

It’s not a job description that I have ever come across so the likelihood is that it might not exist as a specific job! Quite a bit of my perfect job description could actually translate simply as “a holiday” so maybe there is a more subliminal message there! But, it is an interesting exercise to actually think about what your perfect job might look like and what it might include.

Interestingly, I thought of the above list on a whim. Surprisingly, on reviewing it – I can relate over half of the things that I listed as things that I already have in my current role. The other things are all things that I do achieve, but outside of a work environment and perhaps just not as frequently as I would like to be able. It gave me a really unexpected perspective on my life. However, if you come across a job description that looks like my list – do let me know! J

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Not So New Neighbours!

We have lived in the same house for twelve years now. We like our house very much and we like the area. Given that we have lived here for so long we know very few of our neighbours. We know our opposite neighbours fairly well and often stop to chat. They keep an eye on our house whilst we are away. We nod to the lady next door to the left if we should meet, pass pleasantries and we know her name. There are a couple of others on the street that we might pass a hello with if our paths should cross but that is about it. I actually like it that way. We all go about our daily lives without knowing all of the ins and outs.

A few weeks ago our garden fence on the right hand side blew down in the storms. Given that the storms and windy weather are showing no signs of respite, it seems pointless to have new ones put in until the spring. So we used old wood panels just to block the large gap for now. The panels have proved pretty useless at keeping the dogs confined just to our back garden and we regularly have to chase them back in from next door! Last weekend the lady who lives next door, whom we have never spoken to since she moved in 4-5 years ago  happened to come out into her garden whilst our dogs were out. They happily and easily skipped over the useless panel to greet her. We apologised profusely as you do, whilst trying to recall them. “Oh, don’t worry about them, I like to see them.” the lady said as she bent down to fuss them. We got chatting about the bad weather and the damage done to all of the fencing. We said that once the weather improved we would sort some new fencing out. “No hurry” was the response, “these are lovely dogs, don’t worry about them.” She really wasn’t fazed at all. We chatted a little longer and returned to our respective houses.

We have chatted a few times since, over our non-existent boundary. The dogs are still enjoying a new garden to explore despite our best efforts, and the lady seems to enjoy seeing them – even if she does keep calling Humphrey “Harvey!”

As we chatted again yesterday, it struck me that it was probably quite odd that we had lived next door for so long and never spoken until last week. She is very nice and very friendly. Despite the fact that it wasn’t anyones fault that the fences blew down, she could have been awkward about the dogs being less contained than usual, or we could have continued to not have ever spoken. As it is, its been quite nice to pass the odd few minutes with our neighbour!

We have today brought some temporary fencing so that the dogs can’t continue to intrude into her garden. She seems a little disappointed that she won’t have her “new little visitors calling around anymore.” The dogs are certainly not going to be happy to have lost visiting rights! Fortunately the temporary fencing is of the green wire variety so they can still see each other and we can still chat now and then. Which is good for now, but I can already imagine the sulks from our four legged friends and our new friendly neighbour when the real fencing goes back up in the spring! :)

Humphrey and Tessa

Humphrey, Tessa and Sam!

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January Done!

I am so pleased that January is done with. It just seemed to last forever! Usually we go on holiday in January, as by then I am in need of sunshine, but this year we weren’t able to do so. Maybe that is why it seemed such a long month. I actually don’t like January or February much. It’s cold, dark and generally uninspiring. But, once they are done, there is the hope of spring, warmer weather and longer days just around the corner.

We had some nice times in January though. It was my hubby’s Birthday and we had a lovely family meal out, we also went to a 40th Birthday party and had a lovely evening. Lots of the girls friends, that we have known for many years were there and it was lovely seeing them again, all grown up! We watched several good movies, snuggled on the couch whilst the rain and wind were safety shut behind the curtains and have enjoyed relatively lazy weekends.

We have spent time with family, our granddaughters in particular. The little one Ava-Leigh is growing fast and is very cute! The bigger one Alisha, is getting more and more interactive and is talking really well. They visit every Saturday afternoon and we play. Yesterday we brought Alisha some new cars. Cars are a favourite of hers, and we were promptly allocated a car each which spent the next hour being rescued from under the couch and table! Again, the nicer weather will be a blessing. At 2 years and 3 months old, winter is a little restrictive in terms of activities. The recent wind and rain make outdoor activities impossible. Alisha is too small for the cinema, to small for the soft play on a weekend. The spring will mean the park, the farm, the zoo and more fun!

We also used January to plan our summer holiday. First we had to decide where we wanted to go. Sam, our son had expressed a wish not to go back to Tenerife this year. We have been many times and whilst we love it, we also wanted to explore somewhere new this year. But, no one really knew where they would like to go! So, the search began. Sam’s requirement list consisted of wifi or an internet corner and some evening entertainment. Steve simply wanted air conditioning and somewhere near the beach. For me, it has to be an apartment rather than a hotel room, in the sunshine, well located, 4 star or above and be good for Sam. It is just the three of us now and we know that a 14 year old boy wants more than just two weeks in our company!! It wasn’t a very specific list to work with! Anyhow, we eventually decided that we would go to Protaras in Cyprus. It looks good for us and we are very pleased with our choice. Trip Advisor helped us choose our accommodation, You Tube was useful for videos of the local area and beach. There are some excursions that we want to take while there and it ticked all of the boxes for us all. It was also nice that there were several reviews from families with teenagers who loved the complex that we are staying at. So all in all we are excited about it! It’s nice to have something to look forward to. It makes the sufferance of winter just that bit more bearable!

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Reaching People.

I have been left completely overwhelmed by the response to my last post “Walk and Die.”   I knew it would be a well read post simply because of the content and the fact that it is a very recent event. Also, head injuries have been in the news recently because of Michael Schumacher’s sad accident. Two months ago, I had little knowledge of such injuries and certainly never expected to be in the position of writing about a personal experience. I have to admit, I deliberated over even writing about it at all and especially over using the photographs that we used. I don’t always publish all of the posts that I write. I only decided to publish this one as I felt that it had a message that could really help save lives and raise awareness. When I published it, I genuinely had absolutely no idea just how far it would reach.

Rarely does a post on my blog attract more than 100 views in any one day. The “Walk and Die” post has so far had well over 15,000 hits. It has been shared some 850 times on Facebook and over 70 times on Twitter. People have reached out to me to share their stories, national head injury organisations such as Headway have shared my story on their social media along with smaller organisations. I have been asked if my story can be used as a case study, I have been asked if I would write an article for a website, I have been asked if I will share my story in person at a fundraising event. I have been truly humbled at the response that this post has brought to me. I will reply to each and every one of you who has written to me to share, who has reached out with understanding and those who have reached out in sadness. I am even more aware now of the devastation that a Traumatic Brain Injury can cause. I have had messages from parent’s, grandparents, friends and other family about babies, children and adults affected by such an injury.

I have been asked to write more. Several people have asked about what happened to my middle daughter and whether I am able to share that story. More than several have asked if I will write more about the impact of a sudden traumatic injury on a family, and how we coped with it. One has asked me if there is anything that helps a parent recover from the shock of such an accident. I am no expert, I can only write from my own experiences but I will do my best to cover those topics from my own perspective over the next few weeks.

But, I need to say thank you. Thank you to the many, many people and organisations that have helped me to share this story, I have reached people. More people than I ever could have hoped for. I could never have anticipated just how far my post could travel and I am truly grateful to every single person who clicked on the share or re-tweet button. I am grateful for every message that I have received and the people that this post has enabled me to connect with. And, the post is still travelling – so it’s not finished yet! I hope that someday, somewhere, sharing my story might make a difference simply by raising awareness around the symptoms (or sometimes lack of immediate symptoms) of a serious head injury.

Thank you again – you are all amazing!

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